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Friday, 9 October 2015

Memorable days with friends

Blonde Two described a companionable day in her latest post - - A Perfect Dartmoor Day, 9th Oct., and it sparked off a memory from Easter 2004 when I was Munroing in the Arrochar hills with my friend Sol.

Sol had completed the Munros by then, but he was more than happy repeating some with me. He is the eternal optimist - he can always see the first patch of blue sky on a dreich day and although a few years older than me, he never seems to tire, and is always ready for more. On another day on that Easter we had driven several miles in my car to the start of an ambitious Munro outing using our mountain bikes.  Back at the car, after that long day, I was looking forward to the comforts of the caravan and  started putting the bikes back on the car, but Sol said, "don't bother with mine, I'll cycle back ".

Our Arrochar day was satisfyingly strenuous with perfect snow conditions, glorious blue sky all day, and again, I was deservingly, in my mind, thinking of the rewards of the descent to our caravans for a meal and a relaxing evening, and as I was so pondering, Sol's words have stuck with me ever-since, "It's great isn't it? You just don't want to go down do you?".

Sol on our Arrochar day. Cameras have improved a lot since 2004.


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