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Thursday, 7 July 2016

SW Coast Path 2

Thursday 7th July 2016

I messed up bus times and missed the 6:30 to Land's End. Flagged down a tax at 7:15 am, £ 30 got me there before the 6:30 bus, therefore started walking 7:35.

Good paths and fast going to start with, much needed to cover this 16 mile day. Dramatic Cornwall cliff scenery, but later the path became almost exclusively bedevilled with embedded boulders needing great care, and mini scrambling techniques, slowing progress hugely. Having said all that this southern section is nothing like as strenuous as north east from Land's End to Barnstaple which had me reeling at the start of my LEJOG in 2008.

At one point I spied a tree root at the edge of the path and told myself to avoid it - the he next thing I knew I was flat out on the path with a grazed knee and elbow. Everybody met afterwards, and there were many, seemed to notice my bloody knee and of course the evidence of my knee replacement which I thought had almost disappeared. One man and wife insisted on producing cleansing wipes and administering first aid - I had all that stuff with me but hadn't been bothered to dig it out.t

I was well exhausted on the few kilometres leading to Newlyn - my legs were like jelly and almost at the point of telling me they could go no further, but after that it was all road walking and I was able to march the last few kilometres in good order arriving back at Bay Lodge 9.75 hours after starting - a tough but enjoyable day.

The Bay turned out well, and a contrast with last night's mediocrity, and to hell with the cost. I have previously been accused of making these reports into a gastronomic record and am beginning to
wonder if I have a subconscious motive in that direction for these walks.

I was given a splendid window seat enabling me to view the dinghy racing in the bay, nostalgic for me going back to the two years brother Nick ( who is now in a home with Alzheimers) and I raced a Merlin Rocket at Hollingworth Lake.

Monk fish tail with a cheesy crust top accompanied by Intensely flavoured mini tomatoes, samphire, olives, et al with a side order of fries just in case. All worked well. Other diners were all looking well satisfied, and jazz Muzak was to my taste. My only crits were: far too much "no problem" and "you're welcome". Oh, it's good to be retired and reasonably comfortable.

Overheard at the next table, "we usually share a pudding", the kiss of death for any potential relationship for me. I DO NOT SHARE PUDDINGS.


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Gayle said...

Oh, how I laughed at your last paragraph. I confess that I am a pudding thief. I do *try* to restrict myself to Mick's puddings.

Anonymous said...

£30 well spent, you were lucky to find a taxi at 7.15.
My son explained to me whilst mountain biking not to look at the stone [substitute root]immediately in front of you but look 5 or 6 yards ahead and your brain will deal with most obstacles. Glad you are not incapacitated. Take it easy.
As a gastronomic nerd I need to know what you have for breakfast!

AlanR said...

I hate the popular "No Problem" given out by many of the younger generation. Although its well meaning, the word "problem" should not be used. I much prefer "you're welcome". I also dislike it when people say "sorry" when they actually mean "what did you say".
I have put some photo's on my blog page for you.

Sir Hugh said...

Gayle's - I would find it hard to fall out with you about it. Good luck with the GR.

BC - thanks for the "tip".

I have given up up on the full English and now order just scrambled egg and bacon, buT fruit juice and cereal to start and slice of toast and marmalade after, AND LOTS OF TEA.


Alan R - John the gripes club. Will have a look at the pics when I get back to B and B from my eating venue - just tucking in to an ice cream desert.

John J said...

I shared a pudding...once. It was the beginning of the end of what might have been a beautiful relationship.

Ho hum.