Saturday, 9 July 2016

S.W. Coast Path 3, Porthleven to Lizard Point

Saturday 9th July

Looking back I see I haven't explained my mission. I have already walked the SWCP from its start at Poole to Exmouth. Also when I walked my LEJOG in 2008 I covered Land's End to Barnstaple, so this trip intends filling in from LE to Exmouth.

I was off at 7:25 am into a sea fret that lasted all day, so views were limited, but I could look down at the sea with a range of quarter of a mile or so, and what a view it was. A strong wind was whipping waves up with gusto, and all was turmoil, frothing white, and action bent on destruction - marvellous!

Perhaps because it was cooler today with the fresh wind, but I felt much fitter, and although I didn't romp up the steeper sections I was able to take full enjoyment from the colourful abundance of wild flowers and the whole ambience of this coastal walking - a superb day's walking

I have an approximate rule allowing myself a rest every two hours (when backpacking). Today a 9 out of 10 café turned up right on cue, and after having a sufficiency of tea with my breakfast I was able to settle the 10 'o'clock jangles for coffee along with a sumptuous caramel shortbread.

Afternoon tea (just a pot of tea) - the best of all thirst quenchers was taken at the tea rooms at Mullion Cove, run by the same family since 1947 - I remember that winter.

Much later on I sort of lunched halfway down the descent into a zawn with Tuc cheese biscuits, a sandwich of Dutch rye bread and home made jam, and an orange, the last two saved from my breakfast at Lorne's b and b at Porthleven. I was watching the sea crashing into the narrow cleavage below trying its hardest to increase erosion of our terra firma.

My B and B is run by a lady whose wife is a sculptor. The garden is full of bizarre objects made from an eclectic collection of scrap.

I am, now eating in The Top Inn at Lizard. A main of pulled pork which seems to be prevalent in Cornwall with an interesting potato cake and other trimmings was a welcome addition to the normally boring pub menus. It was very good, but I was still hungry so ordered bread, humous and olives from the starter menu.

A couple across: he has his arm round her waist, hand protruding round this side so I can see. They are both totally, individually absorbed in their respective mobiles with no other interaction . So much for romance.

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Gayle said...

Sounds like you had an excellent day - particularly with tea/coffee shops turning up exactly on cue.

I don't remember much about the scenery on the way to Lizard Point (that being to where we headed when we left Land's End), but I do recall we had a strong headwind along that section. I see from my blog that, as a result of the wind, the final 5 miles to the Lizard took us the best part of three hours.

bowlandclimber said...

That was a great day, I think you are fully energised. Looking forward to the pictures.
Take it easy, as if you will.

Sir Hugh said...

Gayle's - the last three miles for me seemed to go on forever, but it was still a grand walk.


BC - unfortunately Blogprss is barring pics. But I will have a big slideshow at the end.