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Wednesday, 13 July 2016

SW Coast Path - Falmouth to short of Portloe

Wednesday 13th July

At the Falmouth Bay they let me come and forage for breakfast at 7:30 without the cooked stuff. That enabled me to catch the early ferry to St Mawes at 8:30. That was half an hour's ride and from there I transferred to a smaller boat to get to St Anthony's Head. There you disembark onto a pontoon then straight into the woods - all a bit Bear Grhylls.

Actually started walking 9:15. First tea stop was at Porrbeor Beach then onwards to Portscatho where I sat in the pub and tried all possible accommodation via phone to no avail. Decided to wild camp as near Portloe as I could make it so went snd bought pasties etc. And marched on in some heat with one more beach café tea stop, with increasing number of ups and downs. I'm now camped 100yds off the path in a pleasant field with sea views having had a good day but feeling weary and not up to much more interesting writing.

Night night.

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The Crow said...

Stay safe in this heat!

Sir Hugh said...

The Crow - you bet. Today was enjoyable, but I suffered from the heat and wisely cut short my destination by a couple of miles.

gimmer said...

You surprise me - I thought your new dispensation was to eschew camping and cooking gear entirely - or a you doing a Muir, with a lump of hard bread to live on ?

Sir Hugh said...

Gimmer - no, I only kicked out cooking gear, hence the cold Cornish pasty. My mind is in some turmoil leaping from cost of total spend on hotels, b and bs etc. hopefully reduced to some extent by camping, but I think I am in denial and unknown to my conscious mind the tent is only there in case of emergency, hence the tent last night ( I had no alternative).