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Tuesday, 15 December 2009

48. More trig point visits

Wednesday 9th December 2009
Great Knipe                         515m
South of
Great Stainmore                 290m
Polly Moss                           522m

The three trigs visited are situated to the north and south of the A66 between Penrith and Scotch Corner.

At last some decent weather but still a bit broody. Great Knipe is north of A66 on a dual carrigeway and I was unsure where to set off from. In retropsect the B road to Banks Gate would have been better, or the transport cafe car park. As it was I took a shortcut across some fields from North Stainmore to pick up the lane from Banks Gate, and I was accosted by the farmer. Of course I was very humble, and eventually he became friendly and gave me good instructions for the ascent. There was an unpleasant section of reedy marsh and Jake the dog was not happy; he seems to be having some breathing problems when the going is strenuous, but he is thirteen years old.

The views of the A66 and the transport cafe below were impressive. I was able to get back to the south side of the A66 on my return at Banks Gate and then back to the road on a farm track.

Above: Great Knipe

Approaching Gt. Knipe

Arrow shows transport cafe on A66

The second trig south of North Stainmore was visible from the road and only about fifty yards away, nevertheless I had to climb walls twice to get there and back.

The main interest was the plaque stating that this trig point was the final one used in the 1962 triangulation epic.

Trig no. 2. The arrow points to Gt. Knipe (prev. trig)

By the time I got to the third trig the light was going and although very close to the road it is a wild and isolated spot - quite atmospheric.

Polly Moss trig
As promised in the comments on the last post - the explanation for "the blue coat"
Here it is - Jake's slightly in advance Christmas present.



Roderick Robinson said...

Only unpleasant things are likely to happen at a location called Great Knipe. A worthy addition to the North's list of horrible place names: Ugglebarnby, Ruswarp, Sleights, Mexborough and the place Mabel Ferret lived at.

Sir Hugh said...

BB - I think it was Heckmondwike.

Mabel Ferret must be a strong contender for top of the list of ugly sounding personal names?

The Crow said...

Perhaps you have addressed this elswhere, but what do you pack for your walks? What sorts of animals do you encounter, usually (other than insects, of course)?

What got you started walking on these journeys?

I would like to read your journal, if you wouldn't mind snding it.

In the ugly name department, my mother went to school with a girl named Ima Hogg...I kid you not. Ima Jean Hogg. By the time she reached last year of high school, she had started using her middle name, but the damage had been done.