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Monday, 17 May 2010

Toothless travel!

Just a week t before I depart for The Languedoc and Cevennes (volcano permitting), and disaster has struck. A couple of years ago my dentist extracted one of the big upper front teeth and put it back in, glueing it to its neighbour. After a year it came out  and had to be put back. On Saturday night it came out again together with the one it was glued to. I have an appointment at 2:45 this afternoon to see what can be done. I suspect it may need some device constructing, and it may not be possible in the time available. If not I will have to go toothless and looking more than ever geriatric. This brought to mind the  Martin Amis autobiography - I think he had more trouble and expense with teeth than anybody else in history.
Another complication was contriving to arrive at Liverpool Airport for my flight to Carcassonne which leaves at 8:55am. The only option is by train to Liverpool Lime street with two changes, and then a bus to the airport, which is just not practical for that time in the morning . Liverpool has been featured as a European city of culture or something similar in recent years and the airport has become a serious player for tourist and business communication. Liverpool have spent multi millions on refurbishing their city - surely the starting point should have been to establish a proper rail link to the airport?
I have solved my problem by booking into a hotel opposite the airport entrance for the night before. If my flight is cancelled or delayed because of the volcano I can see myself putting up my tent somewhere on the airport perimeter.


afootinthehills said...

Toothless or not, have a fantastic trip.

Sir Hugh said...

Afootinthehills - Thanks for your good wishes. I have just caught up with your blog - full of interest and good photos. I have been wrapped up for some time converting from my pc to a new Apple iMac and blogging has taken a bit of a back seat, but I reckon I am now back on course and hope to be able to blog from France on my iPhone.

Do you follow Mick and Gayle who are very near completing their walk from Kent to Cape Wrath. I met them when I did my LEJOG walk and their current walk has covered quite lot of the LEJOG route and it has been quite nostalgic for me. you will find them at -

Roderick Robinson said...

Dentistry is draining you dry of cash. Have you ever thought of advertising on your tooth to defray (A word I like but may not ever have used before) your expenses? After all, it's out as much as it's in.

afootinthehills said...

Sir Hugh -

Yes, I'm following Gayle and Mick. I still haven't got round to mobile blogging myself but I'm looking forward to following your journey. As I say on my blog, we can't get away until Lynne's book is published.

By the way, I thoroughly enjoyed Nick Crane's book. Thanks for the recommendation.

Sir Hugh said...

BB - What the heck it only cost £55 this time. Perhaps I could advertise my dentist to defray his charges?