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Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Plumb Center plumbing the depths

Here is an exchange of emails with Plumb Center (note the spelling). A customer complaint is a great opportunity to transform negative into positive for an accomplished public relations person, which is what you would expect a "Customer Services Executive" to be, but this one has turned it into a double negative. It continues to surprise how so called qualified people hold down their jobs. 
Yesterday I went to your Kendal branch to buy a standard bath waste and overflow. They did not have one in stock. This is a basic plumbing item and I just do not understand how a specialised business like yours could fail in such an elementary fashion.
Good morning,
I have had a look on our system and Kendal plumbcenter are showing a standard bath waste and overflow in stock.
The one I have found can be used on any bath. The plumbcenter catalogue number is C50004 or if you would like the
Pop up version the code for this is C50070. The branch are showing both of these in stock. Both of these codes are
Chrome. If you wanted white or gold we would have to order these in for you but the standard chrome ones are stocked.
Leanne Bowles
Customer Service Executive
Whether you had it in stock or not is irrelevant. From my side of the fence the only thing that mattered was that you were unable to supply it, and your reply gives no hint of regret for your failing.
Hi There
Would you like me to process this as a customer complaint to the area manager for the Kendal branch?
Leanne Bowles
Customer Service Executive
Do whatever you think, but I will be reluctant to shop with Plumb Center again. It is like going to the seaside and finding no sea.

I have a telephone that was presumably "designed" by a qualified designer - it stands vertically on its base obscuring the light that blinks behind it informing you of a recorded message. Many is the time I have missed seeing the blinking light because I cannot see it without a conscious effort. I wonder how much the "designer" was paid?


  1. You are suffering a self-induced attack of atavism. Soon metal and plastics will be alien and you'll only be content surrounded by barely identifiable artefacts in poorly carved wood. Definitely steer clear of the pop-up version; madness that way lies.

    By the way, it is more or less possible to go to Blackpool and not find the sea, though I suspect this is of little comfort.

  2. BB-I do not understand the contents of your first paragraph. As for the second, I think you will find that it is Southport that is renowned for its sealessness.