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Saturday, 8 January 2011

Wii update

Here is the promised graph of my jogging progress with Wii. Because I missed two days the line on the graph does not link up - I suppose if I put nominal 8.08 values in it would.

So far I have had four sessions of 30 minutes each. On my last post I mentioned an average speed of 5.4mph - this was wrongly calculated.

My average speeds so far have been:

3rd Jan - 10.13mph
4th Jan - 10.4mph
5th Jan - 10.8mph
8th Jan - 10.93mph

Horrible weather is preventing much outdoor activity. I have been looking at the Buttermere Horseshoe which I have not done, although a large part of the western side is covered by the Ennerdale Horseshoe which I have done several times.

I have just ordered a RAB Neutrino 200 sleeping bag for my forthcoming circuit of Wales - where do they get these names from? I thought the main feature of a neutrino was smallness, whereas the sleeping bag's main attribute is lightness whilst maintaining adequate warming properties.


  1. "A neutrino is an elementary particle that usually travels close to the speed of light, is electrically neutral, and is able to pass through ordinary matter almost undisturbed. This makes neutrinos extremely difficult to detect. Neutrinos have a very small, but nonzero mass."

    Let's examine what this might mean for an eponymous sleeping bag.

    The likelihood of detecting the bag in your rucksack is remote. Assuming you ever manage to slip into it you'll be unaware of its presence around you. Should the tiniest zephyr enter your environment the bag will end up in Chad. I think you've been sold a pup (which used to be a sort of tent).

  2. BB -I set that one up for you as skilfully as a good defence lawyer sets up a witness leading the prosecuter unwittingly down a dangerous path.

    It was worth it for your amusing response.

    The rucksack is called a Pinnacle made by an American specialist called GoLite - not much fun to be had with this more traditional name, or am I mistaken?