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Sunday, 7 October 2012

Arnside on a good day

A walk round one’s own locale tends to be taken for granted, and not worth a post. Today I elected to entertain Katie whilst daughter got on with some school work (yes teachers do toil with lesson planning etc. outside school hours).

The first item that took me by surprise was a totally black swan with a bright red beak, and from there on the idea of making a post was formed. Unfortunately I only had the iPhone, and this series of pics only serves to demonstrate its limitations. I tried my best with Photoshop - next time I will take the proper camera.

Later research told me this is an introduced bird from New Zealand and likely to be seen occasionally almost anywhere in the UK. Arnside railway viaduct is in the background with a train passing over. Further enlargement of the bird proved pointless

These guys were setting off to paddle out into Morecambe Bay and return on the celebrated Arnside Bore

A multi-month project increasing the size of storm drains and minimising pollution of the bay is under way in Arnside

Katie sleeps - the fisherman is possibly doing the same. Looking across to Grange-over-Sands

My brother (blogger RR) probably thought this post was going ok until now, but his disdain for my predilection for visiting a café will now be reinforced. Katie and I shared a Bob Marley Shortbread - I had to ask who Bob Marley was, and having obtained the answer omitted to find out the reason for this unlikely pairing

Arnside's prestigious YHA youth hostel - a splendid building, but not easy to photograph with its accompanying tree

Coming back along the front this beast was parked outside the Posh Sardine café ( Sardine, anagram of Arnside, and I've only just noticed posh = shop).
It is a 1920 Rolls Royce Silver Ghost with a 7.4 litre engine

Katie sheep watching. Ascending  the very steep footpath from the station back up to daughter's flat


The Crow said...

What is the Arneside bore?

The Crow said...

(I hit publish too soon.)

Your pictures are pretty good for a phone. I enjoyed viewing them.

Sir Hugh said...

The Crow - I think that is the most rapidly received comment to a post I have experienced.

A bore = a rapid influx of tidal water into the bay (or a river) causing a tidal wave, often possible to surf on.

The Crow said...

I just happened to open dashboard to see if anyone had written a new post, and there you were. Serendipitous coincidence, at its best.

From what you've posted about your hometown, and from the calendar you sent, I can see why you like living there.

welshpaddler said...

The Severn bore is more well known and can be surfed for a considerable time - so I'm told!

We're up to the lakes, based in Newlands Valley from next Saturday. Hoping for reasonable weather

Anonymous said...

The Beach Walk Cafe is a very fine establishment and a visit there seems hardly deserving of disdain. I would accept a Bob Marley shortbread there, but would look upon it with a great deal of suspicion just about anywhere else. Had it been a Bob Marley Brownie, I would certainly have given it a wide berth.

Sir Hugh said...

Welshpaddler - II have seen tv documentaries about the Severn Bore with many people surfing it for long distances. Some of them, if they missed the wave carried on at speed in a motor boat to get ahead of the wave and try again.

I hope you enjoy your trip to the Lakes.


Beating the bounds - Brownies are my favourite, but I fear I will have a lingering doubt now after your comment. The best one I ever had was at Lucy's on a Plate in Ambleside, an establishment that was soon after closed down by the Health Inspectors for gross hygiene offences - you never know what is going on in the back when you eat out.

afootinthehills said...

The photographs from your iPhone are a lot better than from my BlackBerry Conrad.

Sir Hugh said...

Afoot - You should have seen them before they were Photoshopped. The Rolls Royce was almost black, and most of the others were underexposed making fifty percent of the picture black.