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Friday, 21 June 2019

Winster valley

Thursday walk with Pete - 20th June 2019 - start/finish - SD 423 838

A later start today. Pete bought a new android phone for his wife L.  I was summoned, pre-walk, to help with setting up a Google account and installing apps. L is not an enthusiastic techy person, quite the reverse - her passion is horticulture. Apart from professionals she has more knowledge of plants and horticulture than anybody else I have met - Pete is also high on the list.

As I was was struggling with "incorrect password" and incomprehensible computer jargon, and trying to overcome digital logic I needed L's input from time to time, but she had two guys helping her with the more arduous parts of her gardening and her attention was focused on supervising, in detail, but in the end all was achieved and we were away by 11:30 instead of our normal 11:00.

We have walked this quiet lane up the Winster valley before but it was perhaps a couple of years ago but no matter, it is quite worthy of a repeat with its edge of the Lake District ambience as I think of it, but looking at the map I see it is within the national park.

Even though we were on the move we saw a flock of noisy rooks high in some trees, a wren darting in and out of the hedgerow, a hairy caterpillar crawling across the road, and other unidentified bird life and flora as we chatted along. Amongst many topics I heard about Pete's recent visit to Anglesey, and then we discussed our respective recent tv watching, and of course the current political pantomime which seems to be concentrated on a selfish power grab with no identified constructive plan thereafter, unless there is one that is being kept secret from the public.

We are now quite friendly with the staff at Café Ambio and they must have been wondering where we were - a caravan-towing-car had broken down in the middle of the M6 Jct. 36 roundabout reducing traffic to a crawl so we had our second delay of the day. All was pleasantly rounded off with tea for two, pear and vanilla upside-down cake for me and pear and ginger cake for Pete.



  1. I think somebody posted a comment that I deleted by mistake. I just had a glimpse - somethng about photo of the cake????

    1. That was me! I observed that there wasn't a photo of the cakes but from the description, I would happily have eaten either or both of them.

  2. Gayle- Second breakfasts seem to be a regular feature on your posts, something that I don't often find a way of fitting into my schedule. These cafe visits may be considered as a second lunch. I will try to remember to take a photo for you next time, but I'm sure the confections you are consuming in Germany will probably rise to, and exceed the quality of the Ambio productions good as they are.