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Wednesday, 18 December 2019

Wainwright’s Way - final

Monday 16th December
Wainwright’s Way - Hornby to Wray

This one and a half mile  stretch was the last part of Wainwright's Way I had left to do.

It was convenient to start from Hornby and walk south to Wray, the opposite direction from all previous sections except for the penultimate section with BC from Wray back to where I finished after picking up the northern end of Salter Fell Road.

I took a few photos which I produce here as though I had walked south to north. I am not sure why I have felt it necessary to arrange that way, I can only assume it satisfies some mild version of OCD which I recognise in other aspects of my daily life and routines. Having said that Wainwright himself published his Pennine Way Companion to read in the reverse of his recommended direction from south to north. W gives an explanation for this which revolves round the difference between reading a map from down to up or vice versa and whilst I can see a glimmer of logic to this I see it as  just another example of W's quirkiness we followers enjoy.

This was the location in Wray where my walk with BC on the penultimate section (north to south) started

16th Century cottages in Wray - see lintel below

Wray main street

I have recently taken interest in unusual house names. This one relates to:

1. A charity for homeless children in Kenya -

2. An adventure tour operator in the Uk.

3. Translation from Swahili = welcome                       

Hornby Castle originally dating back to 13th Century - the building here is from 16th Century - lots of history including connections with The Gunpowder Plot if you care to Internet search

The river Wenning flowing right to left towards Hornby on its way to join the river Lune

The blue route shows my return by road


  1. A fine walk it has been.
    Finished in time for Xmas so you can start plotting 2010.

  2. BC - That is already underway. The main thing is to put plans in place firmly, as soon in advance as practical. That ensures one has an irrefutable excuse when some person you haven't seen for two years invites you to the christening of their baby in Cornwall - so I hope in January to book a rail ticket and the first three nights b and bs for sometime in April.