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Sunday, 22 December 2019


At last somebody with clout (Yorkshire Water) is waking up to the management of our moorlands for the sole purpose of grouse shooting. That activity exterminates all other wildlife mercilessly purely for the benefit of THOSE WHO ENJOY KILLING THINGS.

Please follow the link below:



  1. Knowing how the grouse shooting lobby distorts the facts, manipulates and bullies I wouldn't hold out to much hope of a successful outcome, but its a start to try and put more scrutiny on raptor persecution on grouse driven moors.

  2. BC - the first step is to get a wider and hopefully increasing number oif people talking about it and it seems that could now be happening. The dog poo issue is a good example. That has taken years to impact but it is much less of a problem now than it was say fifteen years ago. Public opinion can work, albeit slowly.

  3. I appreciate your point but the grouse industry is so entrenched that a fundamental change of government policies is needed to expedite serious improvements.
    Check out - and more.
    Anyhow have a great Xmas.

  4. BC - thanks for that. I have "shared" lots of that on Facebook. I rarely put anything on Facebook but it does have a worthwhile place in publicising serious matters on a more global basis.