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Friday, 19 March 2021


 Friday 19th March 2020. 9:00 am

Ten minutes ago I am sat with my son in my study we are chatting about all and sundry. During the conversation my son mentions Farrer's coffee. By the way he has just acquired a new Mac Book. Five minutes later son W received an advertising email from Farrer's coffee.

That is beyond all possibility of coincidence in my opinion.

We immediately thought of Siri but this was not enabled.



  1. not really - undeleted banked up emails being redownloaded - check server settings

  2. Bill Gates/microchips/vaccines/conspiracy. No it's not true.
    By the way I thought that other anonymous comment was rather spooky - coming so fast after your posting.
    Enjoy your coffee.

  3. Anonymous - I am not aware of your identity. Thank you for your suggestion, but whilst I am reasonably computer literate I don't understand exactly what you are saying without further explanation and without computer jargon or how to make the check you suggest. Whatever you say I still find all this beyond the realms of coincidence; I would add that I have little regard for conspiracy theories.


    BC - you missed out the Moon landings. I'm off now to continue along my roadmap, and I hope "we can prevent this from ever happening again."

  4. Try talking about what numbers will win the lottery next week.

  5. We had a similar experience over a year or so ago. We were chatting about an item of hardware we might need - a completely random conversation and neither of us had done any google searches for the item - within a few minutes I received an advertisement on a website I was viewing for the item we had been discussing. After that we made sure to both turn off our Samsung phones when plotting the downfall of society ;-)

  6. Kendal grufties - Makes you wonder. I don't think you need to continue with your subversive plans, it is already happening with people forming suicidal gatherings and leaving tons of litter all over.

  7. Phreerunner - sounds like your coincidence stemmed from your activity on the computer. Ours stemmed from conversation we were having not connected with the computer. All very strange.

  8. There was a time when whenever i bought something via an on-line shop, I was plagued with emails, pop-up messages and 'targeted adverts' for weeks - annoying - and silly in that having already bought 'the thing' i was unlikely to be buying it again so soon.
    This menace was defeated ultimately by 1/. ensuring that any record I might have with goggle was deleted and I took great care to ensure that their forced requirement checkbox asking 'permissions' was carefully completed to avoid being trapped by their sneaky ('evil' ??) use of English; 2/. that all unwanted email newsletter lists were 'unsubscribed' and 3/. i started using Bravo or Duck Duck Go and the like - more recently Opera and Safari do a pretty good job of killing these things. I expect others do too, but you have to ensure your preference settings are kept up to date - todays frequent browser updates can default your choices to 'hallo, I'm here ! ' if you are not careful.
    So maybe you or Will have too big or prominent an online 'profile' or presence and so trawlers have you on their hit lists - I'm a bit surprised that Farrers is in that number, but they probably let out their online marketing to an aggregator - or maybe because your well known presence in Cumbria accords you special attention from those with even modestly local connections to whom your number is meat and drink (so to speak).
    From what I hear, your experience is not at all uncommon - indeed, 15 mins appears to be a fairly long time for those systems to catch up with you.

  9. gimmer - I admire your persistence in taking control over Google. I suppose one prioritises one's time and the labour involved in that direction would be, for me, above snd beyond and I would rather spend my ever more valuable time doing things that I want to do.

    Do you believe that our tech does have some ability to listen to our conversation?

  10. I think it depends on the scale of intrusion and the degree of annoyance it causes as to how much effort is worthwhile - after a while, it becomes automatic to suppress the intrusions and the 'maintain' the defences !
    Last line - no - but yes, definitely - if you have a spy in the camp such as that Amazon thing - or other(s) of these interactive 'aids' to sloth with their own connectivity - or those children's toys that 'call home' with their chat and sell it on - so maybe the Harrier is listening in - or your 'smart' fridge or Nespresso machine heard you talking about coffee, made a call home and . . .
    so make sure all your mic's are off

    to quote from Eliot - 'you can't be too careful these days' - and that even in the early (19) '20's

  11. gimmer - I've just found out that my iPhone tracks everywhere I've been, or it did until I went through about six menu sequences to get to the button that turns it off.