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Wednesday, 24 March 2021

Yealand Storrs

 Wednesday 24th March 2021.  Yealand Storrs, Leighton Hall and Cringlebarrow Wood

Just a quick stroll taking advantage of blue sky and sunshine, but cold wind. Spring flowers now abundant. The main purpose of this post is to record a little crag I found in the woods which looked as though it might have seen a bit of bouldering action.

Setting off from Yealand Storrs

A bit of nostalgia from the days of my youth - parked at Leighton Hall

The rock looks fairly sound. The crag is bigger than it seems in the photo and looks to possibly have some chalk marks. There could be some savage moves on those overhanging cracks

The pin marks the little crag I found - SD 498 756 


  1. A perfect little stroll in the sunshine.
    You knew I would be hooked by the crag photo, it would be good to be on some warm limestone. I've worked out some moves from enlarging your photo.

  2. Just so you can get started -

  3. BC - I knew you would rise to my bait. Nothing less than 6b so I'll come and hold the rope for you as and when.

  4. I like the Austin A40 Somerset. You don't see many of them in such good nic.

  5. Alan R - You are right. I think they were made from re-cycled Heinz bean tins or perhaps something even less substantial.