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Tuesday, 16 November 2021

By the way...

 Amazon keep making recommendations for me. See below, especially : "...for indoor plants."

You can ask previous purchasers to answer questions before you buy. I was thinking of asking,
 "Would this be suitable for growing cannabis?"



My Gloster Meteor

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  1. I've stopped using Amazon because of their aggressive marketing, manipulative website and non-payment of taxes. It's far easier to go direct to traders and use independent bookshops. Unfortunately, my cannabis plants have died.
    When are we having a flypast over Longridge?

  2. I realised that 'Amazon' was a greater threat to 'civilisation as we know it' than - global warming, nuclear war, greta thunberg etc etc - as soon as I heard of them and have eschewed them devoutly and their tentacles ever since - same with f-book, t-ter etc etc
    Even Linked-in is going the same way

  3. BC and Gimmer - I am guilty. You are both persuading me to mend my ways.


    As for the fly-past (perhaps GOING FORWARD again), one of the engines is out at the moment being serviced, and the whole whole plane needs a coat of varnish. The service manager HAS MY FULL SUPPORT.

  4. I make an exception for Elon Musk - at least he seems almost comically human and has a sense of both humour and the absurd - as well as making/doing really useful things and being half mad half the time - the other half of him and his time does or starts things of sheer brilliance: made an FRS in 2018 - recognition of his foresight and contributions to engineering - not elected on a whim.
    He has done some very objectionable things and maybe hard (read : almost impossible) to work with, but one can but admire his zeal and imagination.
    I bet the same was true of Brunel - or Caesar, perhaps, in another era and context.

  5. gimmer - Your appraisal, or should I say, a kind of respect for Musk is interesting. Does your"exception" imply you are having some dealings with Musk? Perhaps you are making arrangements to go into orbit?

  6. Huum - the 'exception' was to the amazon/facebook/so-called 'social' (anti-social, actually)-media gang.
    However, to follow the thought - if i'm forced to buy an electric car, of all the ones available today, the only ones with any style are Teslas - the big one is a bit too bulky (and way too costly) but the small one is really quite attractive - the rest are ugly, overpriced and very small range for my needs. We shall see. Musk makes (or gets made) things , doesn't rely on privacy intrusion and data collection (indeed, the opposite !) so his business is more my kind of 'thing' - as you know, we make stuff (and in Britain !)