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Saturday, 20 November 2021

Gloster Meteor final

Saturday 20th November 2021 

The Gloster Meteor is finished:


And below - ground crew servicing an engine


  1. It is sad but true.
    Thanks for the tea and cake.

  2. Well done Conrad, you can be proud of that.

  3. I think my attempt at posting a comment has vanished into the ether, so....

    That's very impressive Conrad, to echo Martin's comment, you can be justly proud of that.

    The sight of a Gloster Meteor brings back uncomfortable memories of the Cuban Missile Crisis. I remember my mother, very worried about what the future might hold, trying to explain to me what was going in the world, when (I'm pretty certain) a Gloster Meteor flew by. It was my first sight of a military aircraft in 'real life' - such things weren't seen flying over Urmston. To a spotty little boy it was quite a sight. I pointed it out to Mum, it just added to her anxiety.

  4. BC - Not sure what you refer to there?
    Phreerunner - Thanks for a comment.


    JJ - Sorry to bring back uncomfortable memories. I have an acquaintance here in Arnside who was a career RAF pilot. When he first qualified on the Meteor he told me he did a fly past over Arnside dipping his wings.

  5. I referred to the cake - wonderful.
    And I referred to the mountain man playing with plastic models. Of course, as you know, no offence was inferred.