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Thursday, 19 May 2022

Jeffrey's Mount and Borrowdale

 Wednesday 18th May 2022 

Walk 10 "Jefferey's Mount and Borrowdale" from: The Lune Valley and Howgills, Dennis and Jan Kelsall, Cicerone Press.

A large part of my attraction for walking comes from exploring new ground. But today I had no reservations about including part of the M6/A6 Borrowdale.  I discovered this Borrowdale years ago and fondly imagined it as my own secret valley and so it became one of my all-time favourite locations.

Amongst many visits over the years I have walked the southern ridge of this horseshoe but not the northern and I was pleased to find the secret to its access to Jeffrey's Mount from the north.

It is noticeable the change in scenery between the Howgills to the east and the now Lake District hills to the west separated by the M6. The Howgills for me have a kind of lonely sameness overall whereas back in Borrowdale and beyond we are in the true friendly and incomparable Lake District territory..

After parking at Lune Bridge a bit of tarmac leads to the climb up to Jeffrey's Mount which proved to be relatively easy, the sun was shining and I felt fit. However  as I climbed the wind increased.  The undulating ridge from that first summit was perfect walking on a broad grassy track but the wind was ceaseless the whole way and very strong. I was tempted to continue to the end of the ridge where Borrowdale arrives at the A6  Shap road but decided to leave that for another day and I reluctantly descended to  Low Borrowdale Farm As I passed through a gate just before arriving at the farm I was greeted by two friendly horses who were pleased to have a tickle and a scratch. It is good to see two together like that, I often feel sorry when I see them alone in a field especially when the weather is less than perfect. These two had enormous feet which seemed to give them an endearing quality,.

Now walking back down my enchanted Borrowdale the wind had dropped.  the sun was warm, asd all was delight. I walked slowly and kept stopping to look up at the steep  sides of the valley and the blue sky above the line of the ridge. I dallied to prolong this part of the walk.

Just past the farm  a tent had been erected by the Fell Runners Association for a forthcoming or past event. I tall looked a bit messy and out of character for these guys who I much respect and  who usually do everything to a high standard. 

Where the track crosses onto the other side of Borrow Beck  a lone guy was repairing the bridge but he was not very communicative and we didn't get past  comments about the weather. Where the track emerges onto the Lune Bridge/Tebay road  the route went straight across on tarmac to Salterwath Bridge, From here a path heads north through old woods and then pasture following the River Lune which rattles and flows in lively fashion down this Lune gorge where Lune, railway and M6 are crammed side by side. That sounds a bit grim but I have found it a surprisingly attractive locale. Bird life was abundant and seemed undisturbed by the occasional high speed train passing through.

That was a good walk with individually defined sections giving variety and interest all the way. 

Please click photos to enlarge

Leaving the tarmac from Lune Bridge and the immediate start of the climb to Jeffrey's Mount

Jeffrey's Mount summit lies behind the hill on the horizon

Getting closer and...

...looking back north up the M6 and...

...Jeffrey's Mount summit and my onward path along the ridge

Perfect walking

Zoom. Looking south down the M6 and the Lune gorge

On my descent to Upper Borrowdale Farm - looking up the rest of Borrowdale to where it eventually crosses the A6

My two friendly horses. Note the big clompy feet.

Upper Borrowdale Farm

Taken because of the quirky VW badge

The farm from the front

The lively Borrow Beck and bridge with its lone repair man

After crossing the Tebay road where Borrowdale emerges it's under the M6 and under the railway and onwards to cross the Lune at  Salterwath bridge
The path north on the eastern side of the Lune immediately after crossing Salterwath bridge


Latest from Katie - A Koala bear watercolour

Click to enlarge.


  1. bowlandclimber19 May 2022 at 18:40

    A lovely walk and I can tell you enjoyed it. I like that Borrowdale as much as its famous namesake. I thought it was my secret.
    Kate's watercolour is delightful. It reminds me of some famous artist's style. Not sure who - ?very early Hockney.

  2. BC - An example of new discoveries came from my trespass exploration of Larum Gill a while ago: Larum Gill:

  3. I'm also a fan of this alternative Borrowdale. I discovered it whilst doing my own version of the Dales Way.

  4. Phreerunner - Your comment amused me. I reckon the Dales Way is one of the top few LDPS in England and I could hardly think of any way of improving it, but perhaps your motives were for some other reason. As you say your "own route" which of course usually provides more satisfaction than following the crowd. Borrowdale is a long way off the route.

  5. Conrad, I wrote about it here - you need to use that link then click on 'Newer Post' at the foot of each entry:

    1. Phreerunner - I've just had a good read through that trip. A really cracking route. I now understand about the Dales Way. I think I must have walked a large percentage of your route in bits and pieces and lots of it on several occasions. I was much amused by the line about walking with Mick and Gayle:
      "Good navigation and chatting don't always go together, we noted..."
      I had a similar experience with M and G when I first met them as we walked into Cheddar both on our respective LEJOGs, That was in 2008, a year before this adventure of yours.

  6. I'm surprised that nobody has complimented Kate on her artistic achievements

  7. JP - I see you are commenting under your own name. That is something I would like to do but Blogger/Google make it almost impossible to change from my blogonym.

    My number of comments and page views has fallen dramatically over the last twelve months or so. Page views are sometimes only in single figures per day. Blogs that I follow post less frequently as well. I sometimes wonder if it is still worth the effort but I do value blogging as means of reference for myself.

    1. We'd miss your postings Conrad so please don't stop. Unfortunately I've been plagued by a calf muscle injury (soleus) which just doesn't seem to want to heal properly, so I've nothing to post about!

  8. bowlandclimber22 May 2022 at 09:13

    Back to BC. Blogger seems to choose. I think that one's blogonym is of interest and gives a pointer to the blog's content or character.
    Yes keep on posting, it is a good way of focusing on your activities and I end up looking back on many occasions.
    A trip to Arnside is overdue.

  9. BC - Yes, I wish I had started blogging earlier for the sake of my own reference.

  10. don't dare stop posting - almost my only link with the hills !
    and why not haver a sort of historical bloggette - like Leigh Fermor did with his 'walk' from Rotterdam to Constantinople forty, then for part II, fifty, years after the event . Time enough for reflection and context.

  11. ps - the koala - I agree with BC on this - her penmanship is maturing well - simple lines that tell a story - much more than a mere image: my view is that she will go far if she keeps it up.

  12. I agree with both gimmer and BC regarding Katie's watercolour. More to come I'm sure.

  13. Afoot and Gimmer - I am not starry eyed about Katie's artistic leanings but I think she definitely has some talent and it is worth encouraging. She sent me the original which measures 14 in x 10.5 in and it presents better than the smaller image seen on my computer screen. I put it up on my Cool Wall and sent her a photo of it there.