Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Post number 25 -i Pod touch

Having returned the i Phone I purchased an i Pod Touch. The i Phone was returned because there is no O2 signal in my area.

The Touch turned out to be an excellent item, especially as a music player until yesterday. An upgrade was offered which would have included the cut and paste facility on the 3Gs i Phone. The upgrade was downloaded and access to the internet through my own wi fi connection became impossible. My daughter Jill spent an hour and a half on the phone with Apple Help with no solution - they told us to contact Amazon where the unit was purchased quoting their case number.

Today we spoke to Amazon and they agreed to post us a new unit even before confirmation of return of the original. I also spoke to O2 today to confirm they had received the returned i Phone which they had - they were very helpful. They confirmed that I would be refunded and my contract cancelled.

The leg is getting better daily, but it has along way to go. I am now on oral antibiotics until Sunday. I visited my gp's practice nurse today for a new dressing and now have an appointment on Friday for a review with the doc.

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