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Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Post number 30

The recent conviction and sentencing of the three plane bombers has been regarded as a success for the security forces. As I understand it the plan was to blow up seven airliners. I assume the three people convicted would have accounted for three of the planes. Presumably, therefore there are still four others out there somewhere about which l have read or heard nothing. This is a bit worrying. Has anybody gleaned anything about this that I have missed?


Gayle said...

From what I've heard in the media, eight men were tried in the trial that resulted in the three convictions. Three were found guilty of the conspiracy to bomb offence, and one other was found guilty of a lesser offence (conspiracy to murder, if I remember correctly). The jury failed to reach a verdict on the other three and it was announced earlier this week that they are going to stand trial for a third time.

Sir Hugh said...

Gayle. Thanks for the info. I will now receive severe criticism from my journalist brother who chastises me for relying on the meagre news available on tele rather than reading a newspaper on a regular basis.

I keep following your blog and always enjoy your posts.

Gayle said...

I couldn't tell you the last time that I read a newspaper - but in that I'm spending a disproportionate amount of time in a car at the moment I do get to listen to news reports quite a lot (particularly on a Monday morning when I'm travelling from home down to London, which is when I heard the report about the retrial of the plane bomb suspects).

Thanks for your kind words about the blog. Pity that I've got so little to write about at the moment - which will hopefully all change once I get back away from working for a living and get out of doors again.