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Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Post number 26 - shopping

In my semi inert state I cannot shop for food and I am feeling guilty sending Jill off on such trips consuming her time, fuel and car mileage.

Yesterday I set up an account with Tesco Home Shopping ("you shop, we drop"). As usual this was not entirely straightforward because Yorkshire Bank asked me to enter a "secure code". I had no idea what this was and eventually ended up with my card being blocked by YB followed by a twenty minute call to their helpline before eventually untangling this problem. I have no doubt I will have forgotten this rarely used "secure code" next time it is requested. Another thing about computer based technology that irks me is the use of different names for the same thing, or the same name for two different things. I know the large number across a debit/credit card is referred to as "the card number", but on my debit card there is another number at the bottom which also has the title "card number". Another example is the wide ranging nature of the information one is required to input under "user name" - there are many other similar instances I frequently come across.

Anyway there was one amusing result from my first Tesco shopping list. I ordered some carrots which were sold by the kilo, and thought I had entered 0.5kg. When the delivery arrived there was a solitary carrot in a plastic bag, and on consulting the accompanying list I found I had ordered 0.05kg!


The Crow said...

I came here by way of BB/Works Well, have visited a few times but don't recall having left a note.

Just want to say that your carrot order has made my day - too funny.


Sir Hugh said...

The Crow. At last! There is somebody else (other than BB) out there. I'm glad I have made somebody laugh.

Red Head said...

Not just the Crow!
'The carrot' is the funniest thing I've seen this week! Surely worthy of Private Eye?!