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Saturday, 16 January 2010

53 - The speed of technology development

Acquisition of the Memory Map 2800 was intended to save me carrying bulky maps on back packing trips. I also wanted to be able to blog on these trips and therefore ordered an iPhone.

The 2800 was only available from MM just before Christmas and at that time it was state of the art technology. On the same day that I received the iPhone, (Wed. 13th Jan.), I received an email from MM informing me that they will shortly launch an “app” for the iPhone enabling one to load OS maps etc. using the iPhone in the same way as the 2800. If one had not bought the 2800 a month ago and also had the intention of getting an iPhone there would be no need for the 2800, but I now have them both, and will have the disadvantage of carrying both with their respective chargers. Gadgets now seem to be out of date even before they come onto the market!

Further posts will follow on the viability of the iPhone for blogging, and in particular I am interested to discover whether photos from the phone can be uploaded onto a blog.


afootinthehills said...

The usual digital nightmare I think! If you go to 'help' on your blog there is a section on 'Blogging on the go' which covers uploading emails and photos. I don't know if iPhone is supported though, but I would have thought so given its popularity.

Roderick Robinson said...

Yes, but secretly, you love all this acquisition. If you don't already, try loading pix from external sources into an interim folder (in my case Blogpix) rather than directly into the blog. That way you can intervene via Photoshop, etc.

Sir Hugh said...

G & L - Thanks for the advice - will try, but see the news on my next post. The promised email content rests in a folder on my desktop pc which is currently in hospital. I will send it when I get the pc back, hopefully next week.

BB - I upload the required photo from "my pics" into Photoshop then resize and alter as required THEN save into a folder called "blog pics" as a jpg, and upload it from there onto my new post. This avoides having size downgraded photos mixed up with original maximised photos. From the description you give it seems to me that you probably end up with photos of mixed size in your Blogpix folder?