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Sunday, 17 January 2010

54 - iPhone and Vodaphone stupidity

Well, after all the excitement of the iPhone things have now fallen a bit flat.

I have had two long conversations with Vodaphone. The first ended with a lost connection after being over three quarters of an hour on the phone including waiting time, and just at the point where a solution promised to be forthcoming. The problem was lack of signal at my home, and an inability to connect to my Wi-Fi. The second call informed me that there is no 3G signal in my area, and switching the iPhone to 2G made no difference. I have lived here for over 10 years and have always had medium to good strength signal from Vodaphone as has my daughter Jill. I was told we were lucky because Vodaphone’s information said my post code was only rated for outdoor reception, and my good luck was probably because we use Nokia phones, which are reputedly superior for signal reception.

The result is that the iPhone is going back.

Why don’t Vodaphone look at your post code when you order and advise you about signal strength in your area? I know this can be checked on the Internet, but in my case existing experience told me there was no problem, and many other people would not understand or be aware of the need to check this aspect. Many hours and much money must be wasted by Vodaphone through this lack of customer consideration.

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