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Thursday, 14 January 2010

52 - Adventurer 2800 by Memory Map

I bought my Memory Map Adventurer 2800 well before Christmas. With some difficulty I purchased and downloaded the French IGN maps I will need for my French trip. I wanted to download the whole of the UK 1:50000 Memory Maps that I have on my PC, but I found the memory card was not big enough. I purchased an 8 gb card from Memory Map and was still unable to download. I had several telephone conversations with MM, and at one stage downloaded a manual for the 2800, the existence of which had not been apparent before. Eventually I got a helpful email detailing an alternative method from Simon Jenkins (Technical Support Development & IT Team Leader) at MM and it was then plain sailing.

Another problem has now developed. When I try to view the French IGN maps on the PC they are just appearing in unreadable, pixelated format. On phoning MM again they are closed because of the bad weather. I have sent an email and am awaiting a reply.

In case anybody out there is having similar problems I would be pleased to share any of the information that I have.

I have been looking at Mick and Gayle's blog 
I met them when I was doing my LEJOG walk. They are planning to walk from the southeast tip of Kent to Cape Wrath starting in March. There is a link to a very detailed itinerary that they have planned which may be of interest to readers of this blog.

I admire their detailed planning which is in contrast to my slapdash approach of walking each day and starting to think of finding a stopping place somewhere around 3:00 pm.


Gayle said...

I respect what you call a 'slapdash' approach to planning a big walk. In fact, I wish that I could take such an approach. The problem with me is that I would spend the whole day fretting about where we were going to spend the night and whether we will find anywhere - but that's just a flaw in my personality!

It's also why the itinerary is more prone to change in Scotland - much more scope to walk further with the knowledge that a pitch will turn up at some point before bedtime.

Roderick Robinson said...

I suggest when you final reach an even keel you write a pamphlet called "Why extreme intestinal fortitude is necessary when dealing with MemoryMap."

Sir Hugh said...

Gayle - it's not a flaw it's a positive feature!

Day 74 on my LEJOG saw me walking for miles down an estate land rover track with ditches and rough moorland on either side with no prospect of a camp. I eventually camped on the shores of Loch More (ND 074 464)putting tent pegs into loose sand and hoping for the best.

BB - I can see where you are coming from but I have no desire to prolong the agony - let's look forward not backwards.

Gayle said...

I remember that landrover track - it seemed interminable at the time. In fact, looking at my blog for that day it started off with the words "The road goes ever on and on...".

We spent that night at ND018402. Can't claim that it was the best pitch ever (being a tiny bit lumpy), but I find that the requirements for flat, level and dry get more lax as the day marches on!

Our best pitch of the entire trip in 2008 was actually about 6 miles after we had intended to stop, but in those 6 miles (although we could have made do if we'd really needed to) nothing suitable presented itself. Fortunately, it was also the longest day, so we weren't constrained by daylight!

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Scott Woodhead said...

I got my memory map from here and they were pretty helpful.