Friday, 18 February 2011

Land Rover painting progress

I have  recently taken up with my Land Rover painting again using Photoshop. Here is progress so far. There is a huge amount of detail in this pic which will not be apparent in  this copy. I am now working on all the background stuff, and then I will go over the whole thing revising details. It looks as though I may need to lighten it up a bit with Photoshop - I did some enhancement preparing this pic for blog size and I think I have made it a bit dark, but this can easily be remedied.


Barrett Bonden said...

As a non-enthusiast for Land Rovers I like the idea of turning one of them into a stationary work of art. Perhaps the next stage might be to explore Photoshop to see whether there is a "melt" effect which would reduce the vehicle to its component parts. These could then be returned to "virtual" bauxite and iron mines, leaving the the rural scene totally untarnished. And you've done your bit for the planet.

Sir Hugh said...

BB -I am flattered by your reference to my "work of art".

As for the melt effect it probably exists - I don't think I have explored even a zillionth of Photoshops attributes.