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Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Field and Trek blacklisted again

Back to Field and Trek again today to use the fifteen pound credit voucher I was fobbed of with in lieu of a refund for my map case.

I wanted some Sorbothane insoles for my boots. Field and Trek did not have my size. When I asked if they could get some the manager said "no". He told me they use an automatic stock control system and he has no authority to order anything for a customer.

My credit note is valid for eighteen months, but I reckon if I don't use it soon F & T will have gone out of business.

I did write to F & T on 14th February but so far have had no reply.


  1. You should let them know about the bad publicity you are giving them on your blog.

  2. afoot - Here is a copy of the letter I sent which did what you suggested, but the impression I get is that they have no concept of connection with their customers.

    14th February 2011

    Customer Service Department,
    Unit A, Brook Park East,
    Meadow Lane,
    Nottinghamshire. NG20 8RY.

    Dear Sirs,

    Please find below a copy of the latest post from my blog ( together with comments from some of my followers.
    I would welcome your comments on your policy of only issuing credit notes and not refunds. My blog is read by many people countrywide with specific intererst in the outdoors, and my own activities give credence to my opinions.

  3. Sorry to hear of your headache with field and trek. I've had a few bad customer services experiences of late. It's ridiculous because I wont buy another product from a company with poor aftersales/customer services but I suppose that's only one lost customer. What is interesting though is that these companies seem to think that none of us talk to each other or read any of these blogs meaning that we are all the better informed. Thanks for the heads up though I'll be sure to give Field and Trek a wide berth, I cannot be bothered to battle if I need help post-purchase.

  4. The WD - Thanks for your comment. The Internet is certainly giving stronger voice to public opinion these days.

    BB - Perhaps I should change my aristocratic Blogonym to The Duke of Wellington?

  5. Waterloo huh?

    I must have missed something there - could have sworn it was about some Corsican upstart challenging the concert of Europe; maybe I'll pay more attention next time round in the upper Vth, now I know it was about getting refunds not credit notes - in the nation of shopkeepers, naturally.

    I loathe these beancounters cashing in on the outdoor life - like pretend organics. On Deansgate the other day, I passed at least six such cynical chainstores in a row - at least Ellis Brigham has some real pedigree and shows up the rest for what they are.

  6. Gimmer - there are even more of them on the Internet.

  7. I too have had a dreadfulexperience with Fiekd & Trek I am getting close to taking them to the small claims court. Wish me luck

  8. I too have experienced dreadful service and am preparing to take field and trek to the small claims court