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Saturday, 12 February 2011

Field and Trek (thumbs down)

I've just been to Kendal to buy an Ortlieb map case. The last one came apart along the black sealing strip which is not good news, but it had a lot of rough treatment, and this is still the best product for the job available that I know of.

On the Internet I noticed Ortlieb do an A4 version as well as the larger one. I print my maps on A4 so it looked like a good idea. Field and Trek only had the larger size.  Against my better judgement I bought it, then went to Nevisport and found they had the A4 version so I bought that expecting to get a refund from Field and Trek - I was back within twenty minutes of my first visit - no such luck they, would only issue a credit note. When I have used  the credit note  I will not be buying anything from Field and Trek again.

In contrast Nevisport told me that their policy would have given me a refund under those circumstances.


  1. Ah but did you put a map into the F&T map case and use it to guide you to Nevisport? A bit like the returns policy at M&S - everything used is changeable bar underpants. Since that's where I get mine, it's a policy I can't entirely quarrel with.

  2. I don't use shops that only provide a credit note for returns.

    As you've just demonstrated, it's a self-defeating policy and why they can't see it passes understanding.

  3. I can't think of a single other chain of shops where I've come across anything other than a 'refund upon request' policy. I wouldn't even think of asking these days, as I take it as a certainty that I can get a refund pretty much anywhere, should I change my mind.

    Another good reason for me to do most of my shopping on-line. At least then the law permits me to change my mind for a refund.

  4. Craigdon Mountain Sports is another.