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Friday, 3 May 2013

For my Scotland traversing masochist readers

For you Challengers I hope the event fulfils your expectations and that you will all have memorable tales to tell.

The TGO* is for Tough Geezers (or Girls) Only, maybe surviving on Tinned Goods Only, so that let's me out, regrettably on the first count, and thankfully on the second.

I  still find rewarding little walks within a few miles from home that are new to me, even though I have lived here for over twelve years. Here are some pics from today's effort just to keep you calm before you face the grown up stuff in Scotland. St Sunday's Beck was the main attraction starting from Halfpenny, just off the A65 between Crooklands and Kendal.

I saw my first swallows, and also pondered on the nature of solitude. Noticeable silence and peace prevailed throughout this walk, but more than that it was of a friendly nature, whereas there are times when it can be uncomfortable or even menacing. This walk was all unhurried pleasure.
As a Frenchman called out to me from his car window as I was sweating up a steep hill, "Courage!"

Saint Sunday's Beck

Wood anemones carpeting a bit of proper old woodland

Cemellia and a splendid Spring garden

If you peruse the map the walk ends at a stream with no indication
that the footpath goes across. I risked the possibility of having to
wade, but when I arrived there was the bridge and the car waiting
thirty yards up the banking on the right

*TGO = The Great Outdoors Challenge. An annual multi day backpacking trek (not a race) across Scotland organised by the TGO magazine. Entrants are limited in number and have several starting points on the west coast. and set their own routes to arrive at designated finishing points on the east coast.

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Alan Sloman said...

Thank you Conrad
All set & ready to go now...
I liked the picture of the mossy lichen covered wall.