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My blog nick-name is SIR HUGH. I'm not from the aristocracy - my middle name is Hugh which relates to the list of 282 hills in Scotland compiled by Sir Hugh Munro in 1891. I climbed my last one (Sgurr Mor) on 28th June 2009


Thursday, 2 May 2013


Since returning from The South last Friday, I downloaded photos from the iPad and my camera. The iPad pics were renumbered so they would appear chronologically with the camera pics. I edited the photos in Photoshop and added captions, and ended up with a complete slideshow.

I am always pessimistic, apprehensive, and stressed at downloading new software, and I suffer from a total lack of confidence in being able to make it work. It is like masochism for me, but...

...I downloaded Picasa and battled through the learning curve. For a reason unknown the slides I had concocted to indicate the beginning of each day were bunched at the end of the others, and with some difficulty I relocated these chronologically into the slideshow. What a feeling of triumph after all that.

My trip to The South to mop up  Marilyns was a compromise, substituting for my primary desire to walk another long backpacking trip.

In terms of wanting a reasonably active holiday it was successful, but apart from the half day outing to High Willhays on Dartmoor the walks were too short, and motoring in between far too much. I was able to drive to several of the summits.

It was like Readers' Digest. I experienced snapshots of Dartmoor, the Cornish coast, the North and South Downs, Salisbury Plain, The New Forest, The Isle of Wight, and the south of England in general. That was ok in its own way, but I have never been a fan of Readers' Digest.

I suspect that pursuing Ms in the more mountainous regions of Wales and the Scottish borders would find closer grouping, and longer and more rewarding walks compatible with the concept of hillwalking.

CLICK HERE FOR SLIDESHOW  When the page opens I suggest you select the "slideshow" option to see the pics full screen. If you click the pause button then keep clicking outside that little box you will gain manual control of the slideshow.

Yesterday I managed to pick the worst two hours of weather in an otherwise glorious day. I ascended Whitfell (SD 159 930) from Dunnerdale, yes another Marilyn. Having driven all that way in good weather I was not inclined to quit, so I set off in rain and ascended into cloud and more rain. Good weather prevailed of course on the drive home. The only consolation was that I had combined this outing with business I had to attend to in Ulverston which had taken me more than halfway to Dunnerdale.

Marilyn count - 318

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