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Friday, 10 May 2013

Place Fell

Thursday 10th May

I have proved my point. The picture of the school report, (which I lifted from Google Images), has attracted closer examination than recent landscapes.

The most memorable comment on my Bradford Grammar School reports was for the subject of Divinity. Just the one word: "Inert".

Today dawned cloudless blue. An hour later, driving up Shap on the M6 there was total dark cloud and rain. Having gone beyond the point of no return I continued to Martindale targeting Place Fell (NY 405 170) and Hallin Fell (433 170), two more Marilyns. It was not raining when I started to walk, but within ten minutes it was, and never stopped until I was back home.

There was not much to photograph and I was debating whether to concoct an improvised splinted leg or invent a ghost I had seen in the mist which may be apparent on a photo after a bit of clever Photoshopping, but the gale force wind, and driving rain that persisted throughout demanded all my willpower for battling on.

At the summit I was concerned about rain getting at the camera, but I took a rapid point and shoot snap of the trig, which is spectacular standing proudly on the edge of an elevated rocky prominence.

Back at the car I decided to leave Hallin Fell for another day.


Place Fell summit out of view beyond ridge

Summit now in view - it was a lot further back than it appears from the closer ridge
Looking down to my starting point. A steep ascent
You can't see the driving rain and violent wind - I didn't linger long


  1. Hi Conrad,

    My walking buddy and I have booked a week on Ullswater in October based in Patterdale, may even try the Marilyns mentioned.

  2. welshpaddler - I hope you get better weather than me.

    I spent my honeymoon at the Patterdale Hotel in (1970) and 39 years later (2009) stayed there again after limping from Nan Bield Pass where I had fallen and cut a vein in my shin, thus terminating my attempted Lowestoft to St Bee's Head walk, which, after 28 days had to be renamed The Broads to The Lakes.

  3. Your school report is entertaining (mine were just cringingly embarrassing!) but the photographs taken on your walks are excellent!

    It seems that weather is improving (a bit) so I'm going north of the border to catch up with some Challengers for the last couple of days of their travels.

    Should be fun!


    JJ (in a sunny Timperley)

  4. John - Thanks for the comment. I have been following M and G and Postcard from Timporley on the TGO. I wonder if you may meet up with either of them?