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Monday, 19 July 2010

Book publishing

The leg progresses after two visits to my GP's nurse and another due on Thursday. It is still painful but getting less so.
I am currently working on the photos and text of my Norfolk/Lakes trip. I intend to produce this as book on the Lulu website. Last Christmas, unknown to me my daughter hijacked the photos and the separate journal for my Lands End/John o'Groats walk from my computer and completed the monumental job of integrating the photos into the text (all chronologically correct) and presented me with a beautifully prepared hard back version of my adventure.
You download a page template from Lulu which you must work within, and it must be in Microsoft Word. Help is available with designing the hardcover and other features. When your file is complete you send it to Lulu and they make up the book for you. There is no initial charge. Our single copy book cost about £38, but the price can be less for volume purchases. It is also possible to download a book at less cost. My LEJOG was in our own private domain at Lulu but I have now made it publicly available. A hard copy would cost £30 of which I would receive £5.12, and the download £10 of which I would receive £7.18. I would donate any proceeds I receive to The Motor Neurone Disease Association (MND was the illness my wife Ann succumbed to in 1997).
If anybody wishes to obtain a copy of the LEJOG book go to and type: Conrad Walks into the find box - n.b. two separate words.
When the Norfolk/Lakes thing is ready I will post with the info.

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