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Monday, 21 March 2011

Wild Boar Fell - Lady Anne's Way - proactivity

I make applicators for Tom’s business - they are like paint pads. I glue the foam pad to the plastic backing. A handle slides onto the plate. In March 2004 Tom went abroad leaving me to dispatch orders. I sent fifty applicators to one customer, but he had ordered handles.  My mistake was understandable because handles are reusable, and rarely ordered in quantity without applicators.
Components of an applicator
Two days later I set off for a big day including the ascent of Wild Boar Fell and related summits to pursue my campaign to visit all trig points on Ordnance Survey Sheet 98.
Ascending Wild Boar Fell I received voicemail from Tom. His customer had informed him of my error. Acknowledging my mistake, I decided to continue to the summit, then return home to rectify the problem, thereby spoiling my day’s plan.  As I trudged back from the summit on the long high ridge a pleasing incident occurred providing some compensation.  An RAF jet came from behind as low as I have ever seen. I must have been conspicuous on the ridge and wings were dipped, presumably for my benefit.
This Saturday, with a good forecast I returned to Wild Boar and made a satisfying four and a half hour traverse, then descending to cross The River Eden, and returning by a splendid high level path on the eastern side of the dale; here I met a couple backpacking Lady Anne’s Way (six days from Skipton to Penrith). Google reveals this as an apparently worthwhile route not previously known to me, which may later get my attention. For me that was valuable intelligence confirming my belief that the more one gets out and about, and the more one “makes things happen” the more rewarding is life. 
Wild Boar Fell - SD 758 988
Route - 9.8 miles and 661m (2169ft) of ascent
Strange cairns near summit of Wild Boar - origin obscure
Note: "proactive" is not a word I generally favour (too much associated with managerial coursespeak)  but I felt justified in its use herewith. 


  1. If I hadn't been flying the plane I wouldn't have known what you were talking about.

  2. I've long fancied tackling the Lady Anne Way - I like the fact that it combines walking and Castles. I have a guide book to the route and I'm only down the road in Silverdale, if you're interested in borrowing it...

  3. BB - ???

    beatingthebounds - thanks for your comment. I have ordered the guide book and expect it to be delivered today, but thanks all the same.
    If you want to drop in for a brew if you're passing my way you are welcome. If you send me an email, possibly with your phone number I will reply with directions rather than giving them out on this blog.