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Thursday, 5 July 2012

Ordnance Survey maps on blog

A comment on my last post advised caution on possibly infringing copyright by using OS maps on the blog.

I searched the OS website and found their licensing facility called Open Space. For me at least it was incomprehensible, so I made a phone call. The guy who took my call could give no definitive advice and suggested I should email Customer Services.

Here is a copy of the correspondence. The reply does not indicate the status of the writer, and demonstrates an inability to write a proper sentence. How do these people get a job when they can't write properly and it is reputed to be a buyer's market? One would have thought OS could employ people with a first in English Language, even for mundane jobs from what one reads about graduates difficulty in finding employment.

I am a private person, and I do a personal blog related to walking. I already have all the UK on Memory Map at 1:50000 on my computer, which of course I paid for, and as far as I understand this is above board and legitimate. From time to time I would like to use OS mapping extracted from Memory Map on the blog to illustrate my posts. I emphasise that my blog is non profit making and carries no advertising, and the kind of use I am referring to would be perhaps half a dozen times per year. Can I go ahead with this, or do I have to set up something more formal with yourselves?

Dear Conrad

Thank you for your email regarding using mapping on your blog.

As the mapping you wish to use you must belongs to Memory Map you must
obtain copyright permission from them.

The contact details are as follows:
Memory Map
Unit 3/4 Mars House
Calleva Park
RG7 8LA 

Tel: 0844 811 0955

I hope this helps

Kind regards


I looked on Memory Map's website. They have a Terms section, and there is no mention of limitations on use and I see no point in contacting them. I intend to continue using OS maps on the blog when it suits. 

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Gayle said...

If you go to Alan Sloman's blog ( and go back to November 2007 (under the 'when it was good' drop-down on the right hand side) then you'll find Alan's series of reports of his discussions with OS on the same point.