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Monday, 16 October 2017

How many miles on a new knee?

Tomorrow I have my appointment with the surgeon who did my left knee replacement in 2012 with a view to now doing the same with my right knee.

I thought he may be interested to know how much his first effort has stood up to the rigours of walking. I don't keep very accurate records of mileages walked so the summary below is based more on days walking, and the mileage calculation at the bottom is an estimate. The table only includes continuous backpacking walks, daily walks from the caravan and completion of long distance paths on separate day walks. In addition to that I must have walked many hundreds of other miles on day walks from home. 

4th May       2012 - Knee operation

April            2013 -    10 days climbing hills in south of England (Marilyns)

June             2013 -    8 days walking -Lowestoft to Clacton, south east coast

June             2013 -    8 days walking - Cheshire Ring Canal and Sandstone Trail  
July             2013 -     6 days walking - Kennet and Avon Canal

July             2013 -     12 days walking - Severn Way and Brecon Canal
2013 -  50  days
February      2014 -    7 days with caravan climbing hills in Wales (Marilyns)

April            2014 -    6 days walking - Arnside to Wetherby

Jun/July       2014 -    15 days walking - Wetherby to Rutland.                                                     

July/Aug.    2014 -    12 days caravan climbing hills in Northumberland

Sept.            2014 -    17 days walking - SW Coast Path and Two Moors Way
2014 - 57 days
January.      2015  -     3 days walking - Cheshire Ring Canal

April           2015  -   11 days climbing hills in northumberland - caravan

May/June    2015 -    20 days walking - Macmillan Way - Boston/Abbotsbury.                                     

August        2015 -    14 days walking - Canal du Midi, FRANCE

Sept.           2015 -     20 days walking - Macmillan Way - Boston/Barmouth
2015 - 58 days. 
Jan/April    2016 -     Many day walks climbing all Wainwrith’s Outyling Fells in Lake District

March         2016  -   7 days walking - climbing hills near Ledbury - caravan - (Marilyns)

June            2016    -  5 x day walks Lancashire Witches Walk - 51 miles

July            2016 -    21 days walking - South West Coast Path

August.      2016 -    10 days walking climbing hills in Torridon - SCOTLAND - caravan.         

Sept.           2016 -   7 days walking - Northumberland Coast Path

Nov/Dec.    2016 -   7 day walks -Wyre Way

Jan/F/M.     2016 -    7 day walks - Cumbria coastal Way
2016 - 64 days
April           2017 -   7 days walking - Berwick to Weardale (broken arm 12th April)

August        2017 -     6 days walking - Weardale to Hellifield (right knee packed up).                 

2017 - 13 days
Total 242 days @ say 15 miles = 3630 miles


  1. Envious - wish I’d spent less time in the office / and impressed when one sees it ‘en masse’ and after the advice to have the other knee done was ‘deferred’ . Am sure that the new one will prove just as liberating and easier to learn into as a second experience !
    Bon chance demain - hope for another timely cancellation.

  2. More impressive than the mileage on the new knee (which is very impressive) is the mileage on the 'crocked and needs replacing very soon knee'. I doubt there are many, if any, out there who have refused a new knee when needed (eeeh, those four words proved tricky to type on my phone!) so as to squeeze another four-figure quantity of miles out of it!

  3. gimmer - I reckon both of us have had not much to stop us doing what we wanted to do over the last fifteen years or so, excepting perhaps requirements of cash for any particularly unrealistically expensive ambitions - e.g. hiring a good skipper and boat and travelling to the Southern Ocean and Antarctica. So, we do what we want to do. In your case I think you enjoy the physical challenges arising from your work, and being in charge, and solving problems, along with your applied use of your chemistry background - it all means far more to you than enforced toil. Where that stands with your lifelong enjoyment of the hills and outdoors I'm not sure.


    Ruth - I am impressed with your achievement to date. You embarked on your project with, as far as I know, not much deep experience of walking and you are now a pro. I know you enjoy your walking, but it is not easy and you have shown serious determination and commitment, especially with your aversion to the bovines!


    Gayle - I actually got as far as the pre-operation examination appointment in December 2015 before deciding to abort so it must have been a month or so earlier that the surgeon advised me to have the second knee done, so I reckon all the walks on the list from around January 2016 have been a bonus.

  4. Gayle - See my post:

    where I wrote outlining my rationale for aborting the already scheduled op.