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Tuesday, 17 October 2017

What value Internet reviews?

In a recent post I mentioned my son losing his best friend. 

Cookie was found with head injuries having come off his bike, but it turned out cause of death was a heart attack. My son had elected to speak at the funeral and he needed a dark jacket, and as he is much oversize we sourced one at Jacamo on the Internet who specialise in o/s garments and boast of their next day delivery.

The order did not come next day despite confirmation email saying it would,  and a telephone call was met with complete intransigence and unwillingness to help in any way. The jacket eventually arrived too late and has been sent back, and the only thing I can say about Jacamo is that they made the refund promptly.

I then received an invitation to write a review. The exact wording has now vanished in the ether but was very similar to my account above. Here is their reply. You will note I had not mentioned the price or their competitors, only their poor service. 

Thanks Robinson,

We appreciate you writing a review for Flintoff By Jacamo Tweed Blazer.

Unfortunately your review did not meet our guidelines. We cannot accept reviews that mention the specific price you paid for the product, that refer to competitors or talk about customer service including delivery of the product. If you have a specific query about your order or Jacamo account, contact Customer Service drectly.

Please will you re-write your review?

Kind regards


J D Williams & Company Limited trading as Jacamo
Registered office: Griffin House, 40 Lever Street, Manchester, M60 6ES. Registered in England.
Registered in England Number: 00178367 
VAT registration number: 148 8796 03 


  1. Perhaps if you lied through your teeth?

  2. Is it polite these days to swear in writing.

  3. extraordinary - an on-line Basil !

  4. All - See next post: Internet reviews (follow-up)

  5. It's a variation on the old "If you can't say anything nice..." theme.

    If you can't say anything nice we'd rather you didn't make any adverse comments; even if they happen to be accurate and precisely what we deserve.

    I sometimes get these invitations to comment on the same day an item has arrived in the post; what am I supposed to write?
    The waterproof jacket has fulfilled all of my expectations so far, although I've only had time to try it on in front of the mirror and put it on a hanger. So far, so good...

  6. Dave - Yes. It's not the first time for me. Trip Advisor declined a review I did which complimented my b and b host, and then defended them against remarks in an adverse review by another.