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Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Internet reviews (follow-up)

This morning I received the following which at least demonstrates some motivation to sort things.

I have always said it is easy to provide good service - I think I used to do it as manager of three different branches of Yorkshire Bank Finance Ltd. BUT, the test comes when there is a problem. Any good manager should welcome such as an opportunity to demonstrate to the customer how good they can be WHEN IT MATTERS, rather than aggravating the customer's problem, and at worst humiliating them.

Dear Mr Robinson
Thank you for your email regarding your recent parcel.
I am sorry that your parcel was not delivered on the expected day, we work hard to provide our customer with high standard services. We appreciate the feedback you have provided us, this will help us to improve where we need to improve. 
I have checked your account and i see that the item was returned and refunded back to your account. Once again please accept my sincere apologies for the inconvenience that has been caused to you and your son.
If there will be anything you wish to be assisted with, please feel free to contact me.
Yours sincerely
Sammy Kamulo
Customer Service Team


  1. Close, but still no cigar, in my view.

    Customer service should be right first time and right every time. In my eyes Sammy's letter is there to deter you from writing poor reviews about his company on social media.

    A promise of next day delivery is part of the package you have bought from the company. I would expect more than a refund of the price paid.


  2. Alan S - You are right, but I would rather get on with life today and tomorrow rather than spend time gong back and making more of it. Bleak House springs to mind, I have never read it but understand it describes a court case in Chancery running on for years and years. Better things to do!

  3. I agree with you Conrad. “Jacket in”. It’s not going to make you feel better.

  4. what shockingly poor English - almost illiterate

    1. I would look less at the quality of his written English and more at the intentions he's conveying. I would hazard a guess that English is not his first language.

    2. Your own response was hardly a great example of our language, gimmer!

  5. Alan R and gimmer - I think I'll just leave you two to slog it out together.

    Apart from a rather wobbly last sentence (tense-wise) I didn't see much technically wrong with his English; perhaps he should have made "customer" plural, but even so it is still grammatically correct.