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Saturday, 14 November 2020

Katie update - Nov. '20

Saturday 14th November 2020

Have you ever opened your mouth and put your foot in it?

I haven't been able to see much of granddaughter Katie recently with repeated lockdowns and the like, but I get reports and although I avoid Facebook for my own use I do intercept some info. from family members.

Katie has just gone nine. Katie and Mum have a first floor flat in Arnside. A couple of days ago the landlord had to summon a plumber to trace water leaking down below. The fault was traced to Mum's kitchen tap. Whilst the plumber was fixing this Katie was outside playing but came back in and went to supervise the plumber. Having weighed up was was afoot Katie chatted to the plumber, "Oh! So it's that tap that Mummy put in, did she make a bad job of it?"

The plumber was fortunately sympathetic with Mum and promised to keep mum. 

Katie with Arnside railway viaduct in the background


  1. NVU - This was better than her "Those pylons look like the Awful Tower."

    I'm not sure whether it's grandpas or uncles that are the most soppy about their grandchildren or nieces.

  2. Childhood is the time we speak the uncensored truth. ­čść

  3. out of the mouths of . . . .

  4. Ruth - Yes, but when we do it at a more mature age it is more embarrassing than funny.


    Anonymous - Thanks for a comment. When the name says "Anonymous" of course I don't know who you are. Furthermore, since that title is attached by default by Blogger (I think) I am not sure if you are the same "Anonymous" who has commented before under that guise.