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Saturday, 21 November 2020

Off-roading in my garden

Saturday 21st. November 2020 

The Land Rover kit was finished a few days ago.  "Weathering" is intentional. That was a good excuse to cover my inadequacies. After all, this is a 1973ish model and however well looked after it may have been it would be showing its age now.

It's a shame the current situation prevents me from taking her for a spin.

I am now embarked on a WW2 De Haviland Mosquito. A macro photo of the cockpit detail I thought I had just finished is about five times as large as the actual model and the imperfections of my paintwork which looked immaculate on the actual model are revealed as woefully slapdash, so I'm not showing that before some touching up is done and a new photo taken. I did make a better job of the undercarriage. 

If you are enthralled with this subject click the first photo to see enlargement.

The wings and engine pods are in primer. The undercarriage is painted. The camera has produced a sort of pink cast here and there that is just some sort of shadow or reflection.


  1. Almost fooled there.
    Was the number plate one of yours?

  2. BC and Paul - The number plate came with the kit as a transfer or decal. Using the letters LR is obviously relevant - not sure how the V fits in. I think the K was fo 1971 - my short wheelbase was 1973 but the same colour but not a Safari.. "Now it can be told." Whilst I was fiddling with something else the rear plate which had been attached some time before came adrift and I impatiently pushed it back. It was only after taking the photo that I noticed it was cockeyed and was quite pleased to note the it added even a little more realism to the "weathering" effect.

  3. That's not good enough. What was your original plate? Can it not be transferred on to your new vehicle?

  4. BC - I'll have to take that up with DVLA.

  5. Lovely job Conrad, ‘weathering’ included. There’s always impressive weathering of models in the competition section of the Perth Model show - fighter jets after combat, landing marks on aircraft carrier decks etc.

  6. afoot - It has been a big learning curve. I have put some of that to advantage with the Mosquito I am on with at the moment but there is still so much more to learn and skills to master, and that is part of the enjoyment. The finished item is secondary, but hopefully one strives for improvement.

  7. My Lunar Module is well underway and I’ll post when it’s complete.