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Friday, 10 March 2017

Cumbria Coastal Way 6 - slideshow

The last post for Cumbria Coastal Way 6, (Millom to Bootle Station) had strange photos because of an unintended, erroneous setting on my camera.

For those interested I have converted all the photos, some of which were not shown on the post, into black and white, with what I think are rather pleasing results.

Click on the link CLICK HERE and when Dropbox opens click on the first thumbnail, then "full screen" at the bottom to see the slideshow to full advantage. Each black and white photo is preceded by the green cast original.


AlanR said...

Mmm, very strange setting for your photo's. If you have sussed it out what went wrong i would be interested to know.

Sir Hugh said...

AlanR - On my Panasonic TZ60 there there is a setting called Creative Control it has many sub-settings:

Toy Effect
Miniature Effect
Soft Focus
Star Filter
One Point Color (sic)
Old Days
High Key
Low Key
Dynamic Monochrome
Impressive ArtHigh Dynamic
Cross Process

It was one of those that was selected in error, but there isn't time in the day to trawl through and try to find out which one it was. When I found out I twiddled the knob without looking, thus removing the setting that I had taken the photos on. I suspect it was "Retro"