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Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Knee op 1

I have been offered a replacement knee operation at BMI private hospital in Lancaster under NHS with my surgeon Mr Patel.

Pre-op appointment - Wednesday 15th November.

Operation -                Wednesday 13th December.

They have also said the op could be sooner if they have any cancellations etc.


  1. This is very good news, Sir.

    Let's hope Mr Patel will have you up and running about again in no time.

  2. excellent - just in time to be up and about for the Boxing Day hunt , what !

  3. Alan S - I hope so. But I forgot to mention in the post that my hip on the same side is now dodgy and Mr. P. has agreed to consider that at he 6 week follow-up after the knee op.


    gimmer- Do you think I would be better standing still shooting grouse? I've always thought it would unfair on the horse if I were to take up riding, and in any case, I don't trust horses.

  4. Good news. This wait must be very frustrating for you.

  5. Muriel Jessop said...
    In general...
    Just wish to say....
    - nice blog
    - good luck with knee op
    - the camera i've been using the last year is a Panasonic Lumix FZ72. Best thing about it is its zoom factor for fell photog and it does .raw but i just use the auto as more convenient.
    Anyway the purpose of my comment is mainly to say good luck with knee op and to say you'll be up them fells again making pain-free good strides.

  6. Ruth - Yes it is frustrating but much better than the predicted three to six months when I saw Mr. P him on 17tth. October.


    Muriel Jessop - welcome to my blog and thanks for your kind words - it's great to have a new commenter. Are you an outdoory? If I have met you or know you and have overlooked that please accept my apologies. As you probably read I am now up-dated to the TZ100. That only has 10x zoom but the improvement in picture quality has been worth the sacrifice from the old TZ60. Please feel free to comment whenever you wish.

  7. actually I was thinking of your old passion, beagling.
    we have no grouse but you could 'stand' for the pheasants if you wish (i think that's the 'in phrase' - not mine): if they fly over or land on one's property, they are 'reduced into possession' (another knowing phrase) - as long as they fall on our land - so you could blast away from your wheelchair - but mind out for the red squirrels ! (execute as many greys as you can).

  8. gimmer - Just for the record, beagling was never a passion - I was just dragged along by my father until I was old enough to make my own mind up. One of my best posts ever hinged on me playing the Airedale Beagles card - it's a bit long, but worth a re-read if you feel so inclined - link below.

  9. Good luck. The knee i had an operation some years ago is playing up. I can offer Mr Patel an all inclusive holiday in West Wales in exchange for an examination. I'm sure a few cat hairs won't bother elf and safety.

  10. Bob A - Hi bob. Good to hear from you. I'm a bit confused about your allusion to cat hairs, presumably you have a cat as a pet, but then why would cat hairs bother the elf to sa y nothing of safety.?