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Monday, 29 April 2019

Day 6

Monday 29th April 2019

Talbot Nightwick to Seven Stars, Ludlow.

Breakfast redeemed everything from
Last night. It seems there had been a local point to point causing crowds and noise.

Breakfast was served in a room of bookshelves with many more books than I or RR possess. Bacon and bacon and eggs o toast was all home grown and quite above anything I have had before for this simple dish. I think the Talbot would be worth a visit.

The first half of the day was grim. Intricate paths round crop fields ploughed out to the edges, constant navigation required and oh so many awkward stiles. At one point the public path through an oil seed rape field  had not been made. I ended zig- zagging tractor paths taking three times the distance and more in time. Progress was so slow for over three hours.

I hAdn’t been unable to secure lodgings or camping near Bosbury and had booked at the Seven Stars in Ludlow. At first they wanted £95 but I got them down to £80. There was no hand soap to use in the bath, only dispensers fixed to the wall out of reach. The WiFi doesn’t work properly and to cap it all the cutlery for my meal had such thin handles they just kept revolving in my hand. The short crust pastry, stand alone steak and ale pie was excellent.

Blogger wants me to sign in for nearly every operation and now it has started asking for security verification sending CD-R’s as texts to my phone then not accepting them - it is just about unusable. I am doing this in the iPhone which is not demanding all that protocol, so sorry, no photos - I think i got a good one for AR.

I do enjoy blogging in the hoof but ir is not easy and by the time I’ve got this far I am too exhausted to revise and make corrections.


  1. Crustiness is developing into a crescendo (second meaning) sustained over several days, perhaps even through sleep. Your next trip has to be through (over?) the Sahara. An absence of children, traffic noise held to a minimum, nobody other than you enjoying themselves, a wide choice of free camping sites, unspoiled vistas, no hairy string (until you reach the Democratic Republic of the Congo), morning departure whenever you like, closeness with nature (provided you enjoy the company of non-inflammable bugs), getting wet rarely a problem.

    Only one disadvantage: tent pegs would need to be at least 3 meters long.

    Don't get me wrong, I am fully entertained. But I can't help suspecting this was not your primary aim.

  2. Pardon my ignorance, but is it not possible to write and edit your blog in word or pages and then copy/paste to blogger -
    or even to dictate it (assuming that the iPad and its version of pages etc. can do dictation) - the issues you have seem to be degrading the actual experiences 'afoot'.
    Which reminds me of a thought that occurred whilst reading of the point to point giddy-up: I vaguely recall that the main activity 'apres-ski', as it were, was the admiration - and even stroking - of well-groomed haunches - maybe the braying laughter was in response to some tasteful comparisons of the attributes of the various mounts and steeds in 'today's' 'field' !

  3. You are having a roller coaster of a journey so far. Probably more enjoyable for us couch followers than yourself on the front line. Keep the flag flying.
    Can't wait for tonight's episode.

  4. RR - it is all as I would have expected beforehand and part of MY entertainmet.” As you have often said we don’t want to hear too much about nice views and sunshine.

  5. A couple of nice views would be, well, nice. I am having more luck with the Samsung 4 tablet than I have ever done before. All my tests have worked so when I get chance I shall do a post on the move. Also my OS mapping works very well too. Looking forward to seeing your tractor pic.

  6. Gimmer - I don’t think dictation is the way forward whilst dining in a decent pub restaurant. O degrading, as I replied to RR it is all parties of my masochistic enjoyment. I don’t think stroking (uninvited) haunches is a safe pursuit these days..

  7. BC - as I have said elsewhere I AM enjoying it but there is no denying it is hard work. If I hit a low point I think if those poor guys coming BACK from The Pole in freezing cold and at the limits of physical endurance day after day after day. I wonder what they found to talk about- very little I imagine.

    AlanR - I am interested to hear more about your Samsung - sounds like the way forward, I will research on my return. Sorry I forgot to include the odd tractor although you may think it run if the mill. I will try and do a special for you now.

  8. My current blogging method (all on Android phones) involes typing the words in one App, loading it to t'interweb as a draft, then loading it from there into another App to add the photos. If I want to add a map snippet I then have to load it again to the second App in a different phone (the one I'm currently using to record my routes). It would be greatly beneficial if Blogger would fix the photo posting issue, and if my two phones would talk to each other!