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Tuesday, 23 April 2019

Murton Pike

Sunday 21st April 2019 - Murton Pike - NY 734 231

Just a quickie for the record before I pack my gear for resumption of Berwick-upon-Tweed to Castle Cary tomorrow, (Wednesday)

On a social visit in the vicinity of this, one of my remaining trig points in OS sheet 91. I had an enjoyable ascent in perfect weather.

Just for Mick and Gayle : whilst munching a Cornish pasty on the summit and sunshine basking another party arrived, three or four of them. I had my back to them but turned to say hello. A few minutes later a young man from the party approached snd gave me a couple of mini Easter eggs - I hope this is the shape of things to come in my forthcoming trip.

I put the photos on here in Blogger Dashboard on my Mac then typed the rest of this from BD on my iPad. I have tried to put captions on the photos to no avail. There is one for Brother RR. It is one of those painted pebbles looking down at it on the concrete base of the trig pillar.

No time to do more. The next post may say "I'm on the train."

Murton spike from Murton car park

Murton from halfw


  1. I'm back on the Mac now. Blogging from the iPad is extremely tedious and now I see the it has opted for blue type when I specified black and I apologise for my failed caption efforts - no time to edit now, but it doesn't look good for blogging on the hoof but I will try my best.

  2. I can't blog on my iPad because it doesn't scroll. I can fudge it somewhat but its tiresome. I can blog on the MacBook Air but obviously I wouldn't walk with that. I might have a look at another 7 or 8 inch tablet.
    Anyway, good to catch up with you after our sad loss of Sheilas mam. Good luck on your walk recovery.

  3. Alan R - Good to hear from you. and sorry to hear about Sheila's mum.

    I seem to have that scrolling problem also. I may just have to blog without photos - certainly adding captions just din't seem to work even though it came up as an option. You would have thought they would have sorted all this by now.

  4. Thanks Conread,
    I find that if I write all the text on the first page then add the last photo first and work upwards adding images, I can complete the post. But like I said, its a tiresome process.

  5. Was that a deliberate topo mistake 'Murton Spike'?
    Anyhow bon voyage.

  6. Not deliberate but blogging in the iPad is not easy, especially making corrections. There will be more to come I reckon.

  7. Best of luck with your trip, Conrad. Look forward to following your progress.

  8. Being given mini easter eggs on a summit on Easter Sunday gets a special award for 'trail magic'!

    The nearest we came to the same on Easter Sunday was to come upon a shoe box full of goodies for sale (honesty box) on the path between Dufton and Brampton. I would have bought us a couple of mini eggs, at 10p each, except that, in the interests of weight saving, we had no coins on us.

  9. Gsyle - that gave me a little chuckle. It could almost qualify for an April 1st contribution.

    Google is now making me sign in against to post my own comments.