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Tuesday, 8 December 2020

Attempted putsch in Arnside

 Tuesday 8th December 2020

Various circumstances have conspired recently against forays into the outdoors.

Meanwhile I have had a revolution on my hands. 

I have a collection of Beswick dogs on my mantelpiece and granddaughter Katie has always enjoyed seeing them. Katie presented me with Bonzo the bulldog on my birthday, a powerful guy with a strong will. He immediately took over as leader of the pack and appointed Quacker the duck as his second-in-command.

Yesterday I learned there had been an attempted overthrow by Floppy the springer. I think it happened in the night, but fortunately Bonzo and Quacker were able to  quell the rebellion but only with the help of their special agents, The Red Foxes.

I await the outcome - it may be that Floppy goes on trial but I hope he doesn't have a mysterious and unexplained fall off the mantlepiece.

The Mantlepiece Gang

007 and 007A: The Red Foxes

Katie after handing over Bonzo on my birthday


  1. Belated Birthday congratulations.
    We could get Boris in to sort out your Beswick problems.
    I didn't know you cared,

  2. Happy birthday Conrad xxx
    I confess I’m on the side of the springer in this battle, only because I love springers! Please could you put up safety railings along the mantelpiece, as I would hate to see him have an “accident”.

  3. BC - I don't think the blond buffoon would be any help, but perhaps all is not lost...
    Ruth - I love springers too. I had one for 16 years then inherited the caring for my daughter's springer. I miss the both a lot. Perhaps there may be more to come of this story?

  4. Congratulations on a smidgeon of imagination and on passing another numerical milestone. Suppose you were told - at Gordon Terrace - that you were going to make eighty at least. What would have been your reaction? Zero, I imagine. Only old folk talked about the passage of time, often in a tone of voice that suggested surprise. For kids, time stretched as far as being sent upstairs to bed. School summer holiday were so lengthy, so immeasurable, that it came as a very unpleasant surprise that they were about to end in the way they did.

    However much they are loved spaniels seem unlikely candidates to lead anything. Those floppy ears suggest lack of energy. And those Judy Barrett humbug eyes (I owe the adjectival phrase to Mother, of course) seem to plead to be allowed to live. Political coups are messy affairs and I would expect most spaniels to be carried away on stretchers at an early stage, so that their coats could be de-burred.