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Wednesday, 23 December 2020



Hi Dave,

Just looked at your new blog:

How does one make a comment?



  1. Hi Conrad,

    For a long time now other users have struggled to post comments; some get through, but many do not. Apologies for this issue, which I am struggling to fix.

    The blog has now been renamed 'This is the way?' and the new URL is: This should bring up the current homepage/most recent post, but I am struggling with a number of issues.

    Apologies again for the inconvenience. Do you ever wish you'd left well alone?

    Compliments of the season, Dave.

  2. I've subscribed/downloaded the url for This is the way. But cannot comment either.

  3. Alan R - I thought it was probably me failing with my grasp of tech, so i'm glad to hear it's the same for you. There seems to be an increase across the whole of Internet sites demanding more and more passwords, acceptance of cookie demands, and sending of emails with security codes to enter before you can go somewhere.

  4. Years ago I had problems commenting on a friend's Wordpress blog. The situation was solved when the blogger allowed his blog to die on the vine and we started corresponding via email. I must say the relationship has subsequently fructified.

    From it I have been made aware of Mapometer which would have told me the average gradient (as well as the gradient in certain stretches) of Emm Lane from Manningham Lane to St Bede's, had it not been for a missing "segment". A little thought on your part will tell you why I wanted to know this.

    Alas, nothing is ever perfect. But we are blessed by those moments when the sun emerges briefly from the cloud and we are exposed to a delight hitherto unknown. As you can see I am able to write greetings card prose when the rewards are high enough.

  5. RR. I hadn’t come across mapometer so I tried to log in. Straight away I got a warning from Google that the App was blocked as it was trying to steal my personal information. Do you use it? Have you had any problems?

  6. Alan: Thanks for the warning. It was a blog pal who used it to sort out a measurement I'd long wanted. I merely glanced at mapometer, didn't use it. I'll pass on your caveat.

  7. RR - I have no idea why you wanted such specific information (the AVERAGE OVERALL gradient.) I know we both cycled up and down Emm Lane many times, you more frequently because I think you used your bike more often than I to commute to and from school.

    Gradients used to be expressed in Imperial, but now in percentage terms. They were highlighted for me by Lythe Bank near Sandsend which I think was 1 in 3 and if you were standing on the bus for the descent you had to get off and walk down in consideration of safety and the primitive state of brake development back in the late forties.

  8. RR - Just another thought: can you lean at an angle of 1:3 without aid?