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Tuesday, 15 December 2020

Season's greetings.

 Wishing all an enjoyable Christmas and a better New Year.

Our alternative Christmas tree. Pink Teddy on the top goes back two generations - I think he could do with some attention from The Repair Shop The conventional tree is in the other room.
I will be apart from daughter and granddaughter this time, just me and son W.


  1. Your alternative tree is a reminder of holidays to come 😄 Yes, it will be a quieter Xmas for most of us, but I’m sure we will all make the most of it. As you say, we’re all hoping for a wonderful 2021.

  2. Ruth - the tree was introduced by my son last year, or was it the year before? I see it as a little rebellion - having a go at Covid and the utter stupidity of Brexit: "rage, rage..."

  3. Happy Christmas to you too Conrad!
    Hope you have a good one 👍😊🎄✨

  4. What a rotten year Conrad. Such a shame that we haven’t even met up once. So Sheila and I wish you all the best for Christmas and New Year and hopefully, fingers crossed 2021 will be better. Not forgetting all your words of support. Thank You.

  5. Paul - Thanks. I just tried to subscribe to your new location but it came up with an error. It may be that I subscribed earlier - could you please confirm?

    Alan R - Thanks.It would be good if we can get round to meeting again. fingers crossed.

  6. Happy Christmas to you and family Conrad. At least we now have a vaccines which gives hope for 2021.

  7. All our best wishes. Getting very bored with these virtual hugs with grandkids, lets hope next year is the year of the Real Hug! xx

  8. Afoot and Kendal Gs. - Thanks for your greetings. It is becoming increasingly difficult to be optimistic.