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My blog nick-name is SIR HUGH. I'm not from the aristocracy - my middle name is Hugh which relates to the list of 282 hills in Scotland compiled by Sir Hugh Munro in 1891. I climbed my last one (Sgurr Mor) on 28th June 2009


Sunday, 13 December 2020

Don't underestimate sheep

It seems Bonzo had Floppy put in jail pending trial. Fortunately Floppy has a friend called Unshorn who is a bit of a sleeper belying, as a sheep, her presumed timidity.  Unshorn, again during the night, had noticed that Bonzo was, shall we say, otherwise occupied with Quacky. Unshorn, whose hero is Barrack Obama, has a gift for oratory and persuasion and she rallied the pack from their slumbers and preached the benefits of supporting Floppy as leader of the pack not least because Floppy was much more into chasing things across fields, wallowing in mud, and having a good time which was not the kind of thing Bonzo would be offering them, he being more interested in fighting other dogs and biting humans.

Unshorn had a plan. Whilst persuading the pack to mobilise somehow the Red Foxes had gleaned what was afoot and they tried to intervene, but the pack were now united in the plan to overthrow Bonzo and through force of numbers they soon had the Red Foxes handcuffed.

Off they all went to the jail, Unshorn leading the way in her chauffeur driven Land Rover. A stout chain was attached to the window bars of the jail and in true cowboy style, but using a Land Rover instead of a horse the bars were pulled out and thrown down below onto the hearth where I found them this morning. 

I have heard on The News that Unshorn as the ultimate peacemaker has been able to takeover as leader of the pack because Floppy was too much of a softy to take on that role. Bonzo and Quacky have been appointed as guards to look after Unshorn’s herd of relations on the adjoining side-table and also to guard the mantlepiece while the rest of them are off frolicking across my tartan carpet during the night chasing goodness knows what.

As for The Red Foxes they have been appointed as joint chauffeurs to Unshorn and also with responsibility for maintaining her Land Rover.

Oops! Just tried and enlargement is only being picked up on four of the photos for me.

The pack off to the jail following Unshorn in her Land Rover

The Red Foxes up to a bit of maintenance while Bonzo, Quacky, Floppy and Unshorn watch on

All back at home. Bonzo and quacky on guard. I think Red Fox Two is underneath draining the sump
The stone in the background is from the summit of my last Munro: Sgurr Mor (NM 965 980) - 28th June 2009


Mosquito update

Brother RR did National Service in the RAF as a radio technician. I wonder if the radio here would be familiar to him, although I think it may be older than the ones he worked on.


  1. I read that as an Animal Farm allegorical comment on our pathetic Brexit negotiations.
    Bonzo obviously is Boris in sheep's clothing. Ursula von der Leyen your thoughtful Unshorn. I await the morning's update.

  2. BC -It didn't start out with that in mind but my subconscious was obviously at work. A cohesive analogy cannot really be seen, but here and there one sees obvious little pokes. I hope nobody has tried too hard to make it all fit.

  3. The radio in the Mosquito is a T1154 transmitter, they're quite distinctive in appearance.
    I have it's matching receiver, the R1155 which is awaitng renovation.

  4. JJ - I'm glad you weren't telling me I had painted the knobs the wrong colours.

  5. FROM RR - I have copied this at his request from his email so a link to the photo could be included.

    The RAF’s all-purpose, all-frequencies (other than VHF) radio transmitter/receiver during WW2 and beyond was the 1154/55 (see attached pic). Typically used on Lancasters. I worked on this. The radio system in your Mosquito is a more compact version of the 1154 /55 to fit into a much more cramped space. How the hell the radio operator (in the second seat) managed to work the radio given it was BEHIND his left shoulder, I’ll never know. But then crew comfort was never a top priority with fighting planes.

    The link below should show the photo in Dropbox.

    I couldn’t send this as a comment because I wanted you to see the pic. You could, if you wanted, incorporate both the pic and these few words of mine into the body of the post with some rejigging of the text and your query.

    When I zoomed your pic, everything seemed to be flecked with white. How so?

  6. RR - The actual size of the model of the radio is only 0.8cm. wide. Because the photo is much enlarged it shows the deliberately applied imperfections, that's what I'm saying anyway. Modellers use a wonderful euphemism: "weathering". After all, as you say, the navigator must have struggled to use the radio and it has likely taken some rough usage.