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Saturday, 29 May 2021

Yellow Fever and a lifeboat to the rescue

The Yellow Latch Campaign (YLC) seems to be gathering pace: extract from Postcard from Timperley blog.   CLICK HERE for full post.

Note, below, the yellow latch on a kissing gate. Under the initiative of Michael Gove, supervised by Dominic Cummings, the Tory government would appear to have required each Local Authority to appoint a 'latchperson' to paint all gate and stile latches yellow so that their voters, now released into the UK countryside instead of being allowed to stumble around the crowded beaches of Spain, can find their way from yellow latch to yellow latch across the countryside of their homeland where they've never previously set foot ...

I wonder if yellow latches discriminate against people who are colour-blind? Oh! and perhaps against Chinese? I think there should be an official enquiry launched, but that wouldn't start for eighteen months. The appointed judge leading it would then resign after six months. A new judge ( a cleric) then being appointed, the enquiry would report three years later with twenty-five recommendations for the Government, none of which would be implemented. During that period another one hundred official enquiries would have been set in motion, but none for such an important purpose as this one. It may even be that by the time the enquiry has reported, perhaps after the second judge ended up on the Sex Offenders List the yellow paint will have faded into obscurity with reports of vacant fields and many bewildered country ramblers switching to holidays in Benidorme.




Early morning shout for 17-26 Mallaig Severn class.
 Note the lights upstairs and downstairs - a modeller's triumph.


  1. I'm still trying to work out how you got that angry sea. Was it virtual or in your Jacuzzi??
    Anyhow, congratulations on a successful launch, even if behind schedule.

  2. BC - Take a piece of that awful polystyrene stuff that comes with packaging and crumbles all over. Daub it with PVA glue. Scrunch up some silver baking foil and apply more PVA liberally to stick it down, then paint with varying colours using whatever artistic talent you may possess, especially white tops to create "white horses." Excavate the shape of the hull and place the boat. Further realism is then created using cotton wool to form the bow-waves and their aftermath, and scatter here and there to simulate foam or spay coming off the top of the waves squirting the cotton wool with hairspray - the waves had a final modest spray of gloss varnish with the airbrush which was also used to apply the initial painting. Dingy camera shots then sort of modulate everything assuming you can eliminate other extraneous background.

  3. BC - I forgot to mention that the major wave shapes are first created just modelling scrunched up rolls of the foil following a logical flow pattern and sticking them down with PV before applying the overall sheet of foil and moulding it all round.

  4. I am surprised you were asked that question - BC gives us a clue - thus, obviously inspired by your journey . . . to Samarkand - and actually made from camel's hair and beaten silver
    I suspect the description you provide is a front to avoid quarantine, it being on the Red list

  5. gimmer - I welcome comments which seem to be increasingly in short supply but you've lost me with this one, but must point out that Samarkand is outside the range of my Severn Class.