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Wednesday, 12 May 2021

Trigs OS 103 from Cowbridge Reservoir and near Accrington

Monday 10th May 2021

From  Cowbridge Reservoir 

Hameldon Hill     SD 810 287 -  399m

Great Hameldon  SD 794 289 -  409m

From Accrington Cemetry

Peel Park              SD 772 293 -  297m

Resumption after Lockdown of this campaign to visit all trig points on OS sheet 103 - Blackburn/Burnley - 1:50

The car park at Cowbridge Reservoir was closed but I managed to squeeze in near the locked barrier.

Hameldon Hill trig was enclosed by barbed wire fencing requiring a circuitous route to climb a gate then wandering back and forth to find an alternative exit, only resulting in a return to the outward route (see map below.)

I found a Geocache under the trig - last visit was back in 2019.

I have visited this region on previous occasions and always find it a bit second rate: access problems, broken down walls, more than average litter, fly tipped rubbish and tracks and paths made from broken up hardcore. Having said that it is till a pleasant moorland environment with sweeping views and a wild and remote atmosphere.

Straightforward tracks lead on to Great Hambeldon with intermittent hail and thunderstorms.

After descent to Love Clough I tried to follow footpaths back, but characteristic of this area after blocked paths and some mis-navigation I bailed out onto the main road to get back to the car.

A drive to  Accrington Cemetry and a quick climb on established track had me at Peel Park trig. A monument nearby celebrates the gift of the land to the community by William Peel in 1909.

Squeezed in at Cowbridge Reservoir

On the way to Hameldon Hill

Typical of the sort of sad broken down atmosphere of this region

Looking back to Cowbridge Reservoir

This passed me at a point where the banking behind my shoulder was even steeper and I stood with my back pressed back with the monster passing by within just a few inches, 'twas a bit scary

Hameldon Hill trig

Zoom to Pendle Hill

Looking back to the masts on Hameldon Hill from Great Hameldon

My wanderings on Hameldon Hill to get in and out of barbed wire fencing


Peel Park trig, and below, monument


KATIE (Granddaughter) update

Katie at 8 years continues with her artistic leanings. 


  1. Good to see the resumption of the trig-pointing. I read an article on the pastime just last week and thought of you.

    One benefit of lockdowns (in the manner of hitting oneself over the head with a hammer) is that even second rate areas become desirable compared with the possible alternative of spending more time at home.

  2. Gayle - you are so correct. Lockdown has taught me to look more carefully at all my surroundings as I pass through.