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Sunday, 4 July 2010

Day 23 - Geeat Ayton to Yarm

Last night The King's Head was very comfortable. I had a reasonable meal but not really up to the price charged. Mackrel fillets were served with skin left on. In the bar there were two girls in succession who had no idea of how to pull a pint. There were two guest beers. The first was called Kickers I think, anyway it was something to do with football, and against my better judgement I tried it. ABV was 4 p.cent which is too strong for my liking, and it had a very bitter taste. The other was a dark mild at just over 3p.cent. I would never drink dark mild by choice so there was really nothing for the regular fan of real ale.

On the menu was an item of "hors d'oeuvres ", but it was spelt "au douvres".

Today, after getting under way I started getting. decent signal. And received an email from Mick and Gayle, and we arranged to meet in Yarm, motor to the CarVan Club site at Stockton, and eat out, then they will walk with me tomorrow, starting of course from where I left off today.

Walking has been a bit mundane today with Tarmac and crop fields - I am back on the flat plains again now. I passed through nowhere in the day to buy anything which is a bit rare on this trip.

We are now encamped at Stockton and looking forward to the evening meal.

M and G have also brought me some proper titanium tent pegs - thanks.

I got a call from My friend Pete who is 76 today and had a good chat. Many happy returns Pete.

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  1. There may just be a badly constructed joke in the transcribed version of hors d'oeuvres. Douvres is the French for Dover. Nothing good has ever come from Dover. It may be A CLUE!!!

  2. BB - I don't think they were that sophisticated

  3. BB - I don't think they were that sophisticated