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Friday, 9 July 2010

Day 27 - Brough to Orton

Last night in The Castle at Brough I was struggling trying to post and the landlord said I could use his wi fi for free. I had turned wi fi off for some reason suggested by Vodafone. I switched back on and was able to post.

I had a good meal - the latest pub cliche: turf and surf, ie rump steak with battered scampi.

After the meal I chatted with three middle aged rock climbers who had been climbing locally and we had some good reminiscing. One of them had done all the well known sea stacks and had some good tales to tell. These guys departed and then I got into conversation with an elderly local farmer. He wanted to be retired but said he had to keep on doing a bit because he could not live on the £90 pw pension. He was a genuinely decent guy with a tolerant attitude to access on farm land. He told me of some wealthy business people who had bought land localy and were paranoid about people trespassing - he didn't like these people.

Pleasant walking today still with decent weather; a mixture of field paths, and very minor roads. This was only about a twelve mile day and I took it fairly easy. There were no stopping places. The route took me over Aisalby Scar, a limestone plateau with great views of The Howgills, and back to to the Cross Fell part of The Pennines.

There are no camp sites at Orton so I am in a b and b. The pub was closed when I arrived but should be open for an evening meal. There is a post office where I was able to get some cash and stock up on a few items for my entry into The Lake District tomorrow.

Orton has some nostalgia for me. I did quite a number of mountain bike rides from here a while ago, and there was a cafe, which has now closed, run by a motherly lady who baked all the goodies herself; she was known with affection by many cyclists and walkers. Another point about this pleasant little village is that i believe it is the nearest I will be to my home on this walk.

Stile count. Sorry folks, I have now lost count but it stands at somewhere around 75.
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  1. the stile count may be what it is, but I seem to have lost Thursday's post - or is it that Friday's is yet to come?
    maybe the high living is affecting the counting system as well as the pocket