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Monday, 5 July 2010

Day 24 - Yarm to Darlington

Yesterday Mick and Gayle picked me up on the outskirts of Yarm and took me back to the Caravan Club site at Stockton.

They had brought me a set of titanium tent pegs that look very much like surgical instruments, but very welcome.

We had a meal in the pub next door and never stopped talking - it was good to see them again - they are so enthusiastic and full of plans ideas and knowledge, and above all they are doers

This morning I was presented with a bacon and egg breakfast by M and G, and we were off for about 8.0 back to my finishing point of yesterday. Gayle drove off to park the car in Yarm then meet us after we had walked up the road. M and G walked with me to Hurworth from where they would get a bus back to Yarm and their car.

The walking, following The Teesdale Way was easy at first but then there was a long section of difficult going through very long grass and along the edge of crop fields. Much of the time the growth was above our heads and there was a good distribution of nettles. There were also dire notices about Giant Hogweeds and I hope none of us sccumb to their dangers. Brave Mick was the trail blazer and I followed (unfortunately wearing shorts) and Gayle came on behind. I had been boasting that I had encountered hardly any nettles so far on this trip after reading Gayle's woeful account of her experiences nearer home. At one stage we met a gang of youths and their supervisors all armed with petrol driven strimmers - pity we didn't come a day later after they had done the bit we had walked on.

I left M and G at the bus stop and carried on to Stapleton where there is a pub marked on the OS map, but it had no accomodation and did not even open until 5.30. I tried two or three people for camping but had no luck and it was now about 4.00 pm. I walked another couple of miles nearly into Darlington and found The Blackwell Grange Hotel.

Unfortunately for M and G the walking today was not of best quality but it was great to have their company- thanks for everything M and G.

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  1. Conrad, it was a delight to see you again; and to walk and talk with you along the Teesdale Way. Hope that the weather holds out for the rest of your walk and you don't encounter as many nettles as we did today!

    Best Wishes


  2. Thanks for your message and all your kindnesses. I thoroughly enjoyed getting together again. Drom this latest post you will note that I easily talked myself into some more expensive accomodation tonight, but it is a little bit further along the route than my original plan.